Configurable menus and full page notes manager – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1921.3

Today’s snapshot introduces the two new features for the upcoming stable release, configurable menus and a new, more advanced notes manager.

Configurable menus

Customization has long been our signature feature. We don’t force you to work our way but rather empower you to find a workflow that best suits you. This is once again the thinking behind our latest customization option. You can now adjust your menus via “Settings → Appearance → Menu”. We haven’t limited this to just moving items around. You can even add items that previously were not accessible from the menus, or remove things to clear up the clutter and make things super fast and efficient.

Notes manager

Another powerful feature of Vivaldi is Notes. This was already great for research while surfing. Previously added features had already extended it past basic note taking, with links to pages, screenshots, and even basic formatting using Markdown. Now we have taken it a step further allowing you to view your notes in the main window and provide formatting buttons for those that are uncomfortable with Markdown commands.

Oh… and if you want to make it easier to import or export notes, just configure your menus to add these items.😉

Known Issues

  • [Address bar] Redundant audiocapture permission (VB-67405)
  • [macOS][Media] Instagram videos struggle to play (VB-66211)
  • [Windows][Media] Directly loaded .mp4 files can fail to play if a streamed video is not already loaded in that session (VB-67543)
  • [Windows] Autoupdate to this build is disabled because of VB-67543 (above): download manually if you want to test

Download (1921.3)


  • [New][Menus][Settings] Configurable menus
  • [New][Notes] Full page notes manager
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 83.0.4103.75
  • [Crash] On Google Meet (VB-67513)
  • [Panels][Regression] Floating panel stopped working(VB-67497)
  • [Regression] Slow page load performance (VB-67537)
  • [Regression] Youtube fullscreen not fully left after Esc (VB-67651)
  • [Settings][Regression] Focusable element check not working in Settings and Popups (VB-67485)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Better handling of images inside links
  • [macOS] Closing the last tab anytime during/after fullscreen also closes a tab in the next active window (VB-67389)
  • [macOS][Bookmarks][Menus] Bookmark does not open in new tab via top menu (VB-67239)
  • [macOS][Keyboard] ⌘T should open a new tab when no windows are open (VB-66162)

Main photo by Nathan Dumlao