Configurable context menus – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2049.2

Today’s snapshot furthers our work from 3.1, where we introduced configurable menus. Now context (right click) menus are also configurable.

Configurable context menus

Although we are already in a league of our own for configuration, we know that Vivaldi fans want even more. So as a follow up to the configurable menu work in 3.1 snapshots, we have now taken the next logical step and made context menus configurable as well. As before, you can now adjust your menus via “Settings → Appearance → Menu”. Just add or remove the actions you need, to make your browser perfectly tailored for your workflow.

Known Issues

  • Camera/microphone permissions do not stick (VB-72006)

Download (2049.2)


  • [New][Menus] Support for configurable context menus (VB-71660)
  • [Address bar] Focus removes double slashes after URL scheme in extension URLs (VB-71625)
  • [Address bar] URL gets cleared when moving the tab between windows (VB-71907)
  • [Bookmarks] Focus styling bugs in the bookmark bar (VB-71597)
  • [Bookmarks][Address bar][Themes] Add bookmark in address bar becomes “invisible” (VB-64131)
  • [Break Mode] End break when closing browser (VB-71530)
  • [Break mode] Rename “HUD” setting (VB-71521)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.38
  • [Settings] Remove defunct buttons in Startpage background settings (VB-70509)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Problems with scrolling and indicator init: handles cases when scrolling and no elements are available
  • [Speed Dial][Regression] Dragging items can cause all future clicks on the UI to fail (VB-71600)
  • [Tabs] Small tab internal page favicons disappear when hovered (VB-71602)
  • [Themes][Tabs] Use “highlight” color for selection (VB-57784)

Main photo by Catherine Heath