Snapshot 1.3.519.25 – Color picker for themes and more

Between summer games at our team outing in Magnolia we’ve been busy working on a new Snapshot build of Vivaldi. Read on to find out more!

With the whole team gathered in Magnolia for our “Summer Camp”, you might be thinking that it’s all fun and games. Actually, we’ve been quite busy preparing this latest snapshot. Among many fixes and improvements, we have three main features for you to enjoy: color picker for themes and new setting for tabs closing behaviour (and helpful animation to tab thumbnails too).

So before you run outside to enjoy the summer, please take a moment to download the snapshot and let us know what you think in the comments.

Color picker for themes

As a follow up to themes support, color picker was created to make it easier selecting your favorite colors.

Color picker for themes

Download (1.3.519.25)


  • [UI] [New feature] Added color picker component which applies to Themes. (VB-18195)
  • [UI] Added animation when loading thumbnail in Speed Dial and tab thumbnails.
  • [UI] Updated ‘Subtle Theme’ accent background. (VB-18346)
  • [UI] Default favicon is now responding to color variables. (VB-18806)
  • [UI] Corrected cut favicon in stacked tab. (VB-18684)
  • [UI] Increased Tab Stack contrast (VB-18346)
  • [UI] Prevent empty gestures. (VB-16908)
  • [UI] Address field drop-down cannot be dismissed by click on UI. (VB-18696)
  • [UI] Use visual thumbnails for tab position (VB-18956)
  • [UI] [Regression] Fixed extension buttons to work on Private windows. (VB-17328)
  • [URL] Fixed issue when highlighting text and using backspace to delete the text which didn’t work. (VB-18857)
  • [URL] Improved url field selection handling. (VB-18926)
  • [URL] Scheme is duplicated when copying data and javascript URLs. (VB-18855)
  • [URL] [Regression] Typed history is again accessible in the search bar. (VB-18957)
  • [URL] [Linux] Middle clicking tab also paste in url field on linux (VB-18887)
  • [Regression][Mac] Fixed window title overlapping in tab bar on OS X 10.10. (VB-18658)
  • [New feature] Added setting to disable tab close alignment and freezing.
  • [New feature] Middle click to navigation buttons (Home, Reload, Back, etc.) opens in new background tab. (VB-16771)
  • [Performance] Animations are faster again when opening lots of tabs in short succession. (VB-18840)
  • [Performance] Improved performance related to i18n. (VB-9025)
  • [Regression] X button on the Keyboard Cheat Sheet is displayed again. (VB-18843)
  • Cancelled fast forward on space with any modifier. (VB-16475)
  • Closing several tabs in a row doesn’t close window anymore. (VB-18587)
  • Used substitution in search field placeholder for Japanese and other languages. (VB-18897)
  • Installer checkboxes are not overlapping anymore. (VB-18822)
  • Spatial navigation indicator should hide on mouse click (VB-18936)
  • Disabled experimental Chromium Field Trial tests (VB-18996)
  • Doubled installation progress window is now only one as it should be. (VB-18164)
  • Killed Vivaldi crash when opening New Private Window with setting “about:blank” to open new tab. (VB-18263)
  • Fix default value for pinned page. (VB-17907)
  • Double-click to close tab is fixed. (VB-18690)
  • Improved tab positioning and pinned tab. (VB-18677)