Chromium 70 update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1322.4

Further fixes for recent regressions and a Chromium backend increase to 70.

Once again we have bumped up to a new major Chromium version and with that we often see new issues and regressions. Let us know what you find below.

Download (1322.4)


  • [Regression] Mouse gestures stop working after cycling tabs via the mouse wheel (VB-44219)
  • [Regression] Tiling 3 tabs to grid is broken (VB-43198)
  • [Regression] Google sign-in cookies are being set in Vivaldi and cannot be cleared (VB-44108)
  • [Regression] Cannot close side menu on Gmail (VB-42474)
  • [Regression] [Mac] Minor visual glitches with the .dmg
  • [Mac] Allow “Remove Tab Spacing in Maximized Windows” (VB-44057)
  • [Mac] Interface text hard to read after upgrade to 10.14 Mojave (VB-43839)
  • Tab Casting of background tabs (VB-43642)
  • Better readability and contrast on Welcome Page (VB-43966)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 70 (3538.36)

Main photo by Henry & Co.