Built-in browser screenshots – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.704.3

We have one last gift for you before the holiday period begins, our first 1.7 snapshot! With it comes a new feature, the ability to take screenshots in Vivaldi!

Monitor screen with sunset. Source: Unsplash.com

Browser screenshots

On the status bar you will find a new camera icon. From here you can take screenshots of an entire page (even outside of the currently visible area) or a selection of your choosing, which can even include the browser UI itself. The perfect way to record your adventures on the web to share with others or for your own personal archive.

We already have a few ideas of how we can improve this further but as always, we would love to hear your suggestions as well.

Vivaldi Screenshotter

Download (1.7.704.3)


  • [New feature] Capture selected parts of a webpage or the UI (VB-24136)
  • [macOS] Enable native notifications by default (VB-15151)
  • [Regression] PDF files won’t load if Vivaldi is not already running (VB-23855)
  • [Regression] The panel toggle doesn’t work correctly when the panel is on right with welcome page (VB-24088)
  • [Address field] URLs with two spaces get searched instead of navigated to (VB-24320)
  • [Address field] Pointer cursor should shown when holding Ctrl (VB-24004)
  • [Bookmarks] Bookmarks lose title when dragged to Speed Dial (VB-24059)
  • [Bookmarks] Nicknames do not work in address field (VB-24231)
  • [Bookmarks] On entering Edit mode in the panel bookmark tree should scroll to show the added/edited item (VB-10406)
  • [Extensions] Badge text unreadable with some themes (VB-24126)
  • [Extensions] Context menus for extension’s buttons (VB-9681)
  • [IME] First character typed in address bar gets committed without converted to Japanese (VB-16325)
  • [Search field] Add Paste and Go right-click in search field (VB-21366)
  • [Search field] Alt+Enter clones current tab and opens new search tab (VB-23982)
  • [Search field] Does not use available space for multi-word results (VB-24236)
  • [Search field] Typed history button is unusable until something is typed into the field (VB-24090)
  • [Themes] The numbers and letters of the color code don’t change when you select a different theme (VB-24209)
  • Add support for opening download images in the browser itself (VB-24069)
  • Clicking typed history item doesn’t update history (VB-24318)
  • Full page screen capture, screenshot of entire page, not just what’s displayed on the screen (VB-6044)
  • Grayscale the favicons on tabs that are hibernated (VB-24223)
  • Links opened in private in new window are not private windows anymore (VB-11809)
  • Position of notes and bookmarks panel view resets after changing the panel (VB-20332)
  • Scrolling should zoom the page when mouse is over the zoom slider (VB-2119)
  • Search in PDF crashes Vivaldi (VB-24128)
  • Search text in PDF file doesn’t increment counter (VB-4687)
  • Site info position does not take UI Zoom into account (VB-23997)
  • Transfer complete notification (VB-752)