Built-in Ad Blocker – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1848.4

In today’s snapshot we provide support for advertisement blocking in addition to our previously announced tracker blocking.

Ad Blocker

In an earlier snapshot, we introduced a tracking blocker. Today we take this a step further and offer a more complete, built-in ad blocker for those who want it. We are adding this because many of you are already using ad blockers, in the form of extensions, but would prefer something maintained by us. Our ad blocker option is not a replacement for the tracking blocker but rather an additional level of protection that you can select between (‘No Blocking’, ‘Block Trackers’ or ‘Block Trackers and Ads’).

For many users the tracking blocker will be enough, preventing tracking but allowing sites to generate revenue, while for others, advertising is simply too intrusive and distracting, and needs to be removed. You needn’t choose a single blanket setting for all sites (though of course you can). By using the shield icon in the address bar, you can adjust this on a site by site basis. Ultimately, how you want sites to display and what you want sites to know about you, should be your choice. Vivaldi is lead by our users and hence we strongly believe that users should always have the final say.

Known Issues

  • [macOS][Regression] Proprietary media is not working correctly (VB-64258)
  • [Extensions][Regression] Various extensions are not working (VB-64275)

Download (1848.4)


  • [New] Option for ad blocker in addition to tracking blocker
  • [Address Bar][Quick Commands] 4K monitors removes a part of the g letter (VB-63180)
  • [Clock] Button cut off if placed below panel switcher (VB-64247)
  • [Clock] Popup gets tucked into the left side (VB-64163)
  • [Clock] Show as text and in right corner by default (VB-64335)
  • [Dev Tools] Switching from windowed to docked mode crashes (VB-64199)
  • [Media][Popout Video] Rewrite picture-in-picture and add a setting to disable (VB-63456)
  • [Panel] Fix for inconsistent toolbar padding (VB-64244)
  • [Reader Mode] Add Vertical support to Japanase-Kansai (Ja-Ks) by default (VB-64387)
  • [Regression] Doesn’t change focus from URL when typed history is open (VB-64153)
  • [macOS] Unable to play videos on ted.com (VB-64209)

Main photo by Artiom Vallat