Bookmarks bar context menu support – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1483.4

With today’s snapshot we have added support for context menus inside folders on the bookmarks bar (for Windows and Linux), fixed a ton of regressions and taken a minor bump to Chromium.

Known Issue

  • Our Spatial Navigation feature is disabled in this build: It will return in the future. In the mean time we have made Blink’s similar feature accessible in settings

Download (1483.4)


  • [New][Windows][Linux][Bookmarks] Add context menu support inside folders on bookmarks bar (VB-4356)
  • [Regression][Sync] Sync/Trash icon positioning issues (VB-50554)
  • [Regression][History] UI glitch when searching (VB-50458)
  • [Regression] Sometimes bookmark properties are not saved on blur (VB-50311)
  • [Regression] Vertical tabs in overflow crash UI (VB-50582)
  • [Regression] Hidden extension button issues (VB-50464)
  • [Regression] Zoom shortcuts stopped working in chromeless in fullscreen modes (VB-50355)
  • [Regression] Image properties display glitch (VB-50221)
  • [Regression] Tab bar minimize to default width after exiting fullscreen (VB-50422)
  • [Regression] Opening URL in new tab fails sometimes (VB-50396)
  • [Regression] Bookmark icon in address field is the wrong colors (VB-50499)
  • [Regression] External tab dragging does not work on top of documents (VB-44424)
  • [Regression] Hidden extensions buttons are not shown (VB-50282)
  • [Regression] Right-clicking on extension button (with counter bubble) breaks long press and secondary click in WebUI (VB-50418)
  • [Regression] Multiple pop-ups in the Status area can be opened in same time (VB-50294)
  • [Regression] Enter key is ignored in Add web panel dialog (VB-50298)
  • [Regression] Can not drag extension buttons (VB-50391)
  • [Regression] UI is collapsed when window is resized to minimal size (VB-50317)
  • [Regression] Format lost when using capture (VB-50369)
  • [Bookmarks] Can not open context menu using keyboard in manager (VB-50658)
  • [Profiles] Popup is not keyboard accessible (VB-50287)
  • [Profiles] Guest user can access Settings via URL (VB-49447)
  • [Sync] Keeps trying to log in with a saved password, even after failing (VB-50605)
  • YouTube test/trial version does not display correctly because of poor interaction with Spatial Navigation: fixed because Spatial Navigation is disabled in this build (VB-48792)
  • Appearance and functionality of tiling popup needs work (VB-50430)
  • Left-placed tab bar can be covered (VB-50526)
  • Crash when opening new window from a guest window (VB-50487)
  • Delete Browsing Data from Guest Window triggers crash (VB-50378)
  • Can’t get rid of notification question on private windows (VB-41529)
  • Camera / Microphone permission mixup (VB-18405)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 73.0.3683.77

Main photo by Jos Madrigal