Blocker List Management – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1854.5

In today’s snapshot we provide support for editing which lists are used for our ad and tracking blockers.

Blocker Lists

You will find a new section in settings, under “Privacy → Tracker and Ad Blocking → Manage Rule Lists”. This allows you to add and remove new lists and decide which ones are used for the tracking and ad blocker options elsewhere in our user interface.

Download (1854.5)


  • [Blocker] List editing (VB-58974)
  • [Blocker] Streamline Privacy settings section (VB-64606)
  • [Bookmarks][Panel] Right and left sides of thumbnail are cut off with default panel length (VB-64610)
  • [Clock] Can overflow and clip (VB-64336)
  • [Clock] Hour hand should be offset with minutes (VB-64582)
  • [Clock] Limit countdown hour and minute to valid ranges (VB-64505)
  • [Clock] Make sure there is enough space for translations (VB-64377)
  • [Clock] Misformatted date shows up (VB-64556)
  • [Extensions] Add a way to remove the banner on the extensions page (VB-63672)
  • [Find in page] Make no hits more obvious (VB-17388)
  • [Find in page][Regression] Highlight has wrong size and offset on systems with multiple displays (VB-64651)
  • [Installer][Windows] Updated background (VB-64559)
  • [Installer][macOS] Updated DMG background (VB-64560)
  • [Media][Popout Video][Regression] Dynamically added video elements need better tracking (VB-64520)
  • [Menus][macOS][Regression] Two “Quit Vivaldi” (VB-64552)
  • [Notes][Panel][Regression] Input in address field gets immediately deleted (VB-64598)
  • [Settings] Search field loses focus after one typed character (VB-62415)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 81.0.4044.66

Main photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters