Apple updates – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1302.3

Since macOS Mojave is right around the corner, today’s Snapshot resolves some serious 10.14 problems. We also have fixes for clearing data, gestures, sync and more!

Known issues

  • Occasional crash on closing tab

Download (1302.3)


  • [Regression][Mac 10.14] All checkboxes are invisible (VB-40858)
  • [Regression][Mac 10.14] AVC doesn’t work with MSE (VB-43210)
  • [Regression] Clear Browser Data does not end on old profiles (VB-42806)
  • [Regression] Clone hibernated tab instant crash (VB-43379)
  • [Regression] Gesture ‘Open Link in New Tab’ does not choose link at start (VB-43185)
  • [Regression] Mouse Gesture opens link from closed tab (VB-43383)
  • [Regression] Sync failure dialog sometimes shows up briefly on startup (VB-43409)
  • [Settings] Chromium’s Clear Browser Data crashes Vivaldi (VB-36525)
  • [Mac][UI] Can’t read information about SSL certificate if address bar is placed at the bottom (VB-11729)
  • [Window] Wrong window focus after opening URL from other application (VB-21856)
  • Updated Chromium to 69.0.3497.93

Main photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.