Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1581.5

Following the successful launch of Vivaldi 2.6 stable, we have further fixes for our snapshot users, with a focus on the address bar.

Download (1581.5)


  • [Address bar] Nicknamed search engine with no search term directs to default search engine (VB-54112)
  • [Address bar] Adding text to URL, results in opening standard search (VB-54068)
  • [Address bar] Cannot delete previous searches from the search field dropdown (VB-53983)
  • [Address bar] Search field suggestions/selection issue with Tab key (VB-54275)
  • [Address bar][Bookmarks] Nicknamed bookmarks have wrong favicon (VB-52371)
  • [Address bar][Regression] Dropdown keyboard navigation directs to incorrect addresses (VB-52712)
  • [Address bar][Regression] Ctrl+V activates and removes current URL with an empty clip board (VB-19386)
  • [Bookmarks] Thumbnail images are wrongly displayed in the manager (VB-54525)
  • [Dev Tools] Cannot input Chinese (VB-52024)
  • [Extensions][Keyboard] Shortcut should update when assigned (VB-39687)
  • [Linux] [Page actions] list is not ordered (VB-11219)
  • [macOS] “Show All” application menu item missing (VB-54339)
  • [macOS] Move the sparkle update code to its own process (VB-27798)
  • [macOS] Services context menu not working in webview (VB-29096)
  • [Notes][Keyboard] Copy to note shortcut does not work in input fields (VB-28563)
  • [Notifications][Regression] Chrome icon shown (VB-53887)
  • [PiP] Back to tab button broken (VB-54051)
  • [Profiles] Missing credits for avatar illustrations (VB-54603)
  • [Quick Commands] Ugly X-icon in Search Inputs (VB-54444)
  • [Quick Commands][Keyboard] Shortcuts to open QC not working in editable panels (VB-54430)
  • [Reader] Restrict vertical scrolling in the vertical mode (VB-36999)
  • [Settings] Make it easier to locate page loading animation options (VB-48500)
  • [Speed Dial] Create a default SD for Vivaldi Web Mail (VB-54036)
  • [Tabs] PDF viewer is empty when opened in the background (VB-51691)
  • [UI] Set as default browser dialog opens once for each window (VB-2898)

Main photo by Jordan Ladikos