Address bar and menu improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1697.4

Today’s snapshot resolves the known issues from the last snapshot, improves the address bar and menus, and updates Chromium.

Download (1697.4)


  • [Address Bar] Typed URL disappears when pressing Enter (VB-58087)
  • [Address Bar][Regression] The URL field in new tab clears if the tab is switched (VB-57553)
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Disabling always prefer bookmarks breaks search in the URL field(VB-58716)
  • [Address Bar] Search string becomes incomplete if it matches a bookmark nickname (VB-58642)
  • [Address Bar] Searching with another search engine than default has wrong favicons in drop down(VB-58450)
  • [Bookmarks][Panels][Crash] Bookmark panel crash (VB-58221)
  • [Extensions] Tab status is not correct for when loading as pending content (VB-44228)
  • [Extensions][Regression] Hidden state is not remembered (VB-58390)
  • [Linux][Regression] Widevine is installed with 600 permissions (VB-58717)
  • [Menus] Add a link to the bug report wizard from help menu (VB-12835)
  • [Menus] Clicking the Vivaldi menu two times does not close the menu (VB-23779)
  • [Menus] Prevent menu from obscuring status bar button (VB-58631)
  • [Menus] Double-clicking anywhere in horizontal menu bar toggles window maximized (VB-57570)
  • [Panels] Sidebar should also be floating along with the panel (VB-42338)
  • [Performance] Limit overflow tab animation (VB-52682)
  • [Quick Commands] Make ‘Create Note’ respect settings (VB-57734)
  • [Reader] Line breaks in children of pre elements are ignored (VB-38035)
  • [Speed Dial][Regression] Search field opens dropdown in wrong direction (VB-58752)
  • [Sync] Empty item in settings (VB-58743)
  • [Windows][Linux] Disabled shortcuts are shown in menu (VB-50948)
  • “Add search engine” dialog disappears after mouse-selecting default name (VB-56290)
  • Tab drag image is scaled by device screen resolution (VB-58597)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.55

Main photo by Bernd Schulz