One day. Two big Vivaldi browser releases

Vivaldi 3.0 arrives on your Windows, Mac and Linux computer with new Tracker blocker, Ad blocker, Clock and more. First Vivaldi Mobile release now available on Android. Includes new Tracker Blocker, Ad Blocker, Tab bar and more

a new versVivaldi 3.0 arrives on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and the much-awaited first version of Vivaldi launches on Android devices. 

Today we take a giant leap forward. Vivaldi 3.0 arrives on your computer and the much-awaited final version of Vivaldi launches on Android devices.

As we navigate the difficult times of the pandemic together, the browser becomes center stage.

Now that people are spending a lot more time online, we are doubling down on giving you a browser that protects you from trackers, blocks unwanted ads, and provides you with more useful features than any other browser.

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Both the desktop and mobile versions come with built-in privacy tools – Tracker and Ad blocker.

With the Tracker blocker, we are incorporating DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar for easy and effective protection from web trackers.

On the desktop, we continue to add rich features including a unique clock, improved spatial navigation, and countless customisation options.

Packed with unmatched features, the mobile browser launches with a native Ad blocker – the most requested feature for Android – and tracking protection for uninterrupted browsing, privacy, and speed.

Desktop: What’s new in Vivaldi 3.0

Block trackers with a built-in Tracker blocker

Vivaldi does not track you. Now we don’t let others track you either.

Our brand-new Tracker blocker protects you from the ubiquitous web trackers that follow you around the web gathering your personal information. And we’ve made this possible with our good friends DuckDuckGo.

We’ve incorporated DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar-powered blocklist, meaning creepy third-party trackers are blocked in the background as you browse the web. This will create a more private and fast web experience with no extra effort or sacrifices.

Look out for the shield icon to the left of your address field to enable or disable the Tracker blocker. This icon indicates what level of blocking is active on the current page.

With three blocking levels on offer, you can enable any level for each website, or activate or deactivate it for specific websites – either from the shield icon or by heading over to Settings → Privacy → Tracker and Ad Blocking for more granular control.

Furthermore, in the Settings, you can manage sites that you want to block/unblock and make exceptions including any addition or change in the blocklists.

Block unwanted ads with a built-in Ad blocker

While blocking trackers provides enough protection, some users prefer to block ads in addition to trackers.

Built into the browser, Vivaldi’s Ad blocker lets you block intrusive ads without downloading extensions, bolstering privacy and speed.

However, we believe that many users would not wish to prevent the sites they like to visit from generating revenue, and for that reason, we don’t enable Ad blocker by default. Instead, we let users control the level of privacy protection.

Check the current count of blocked trackers and ads by clicking on the shield icon. Make exceptions for sites that you don’t want blocked in the Settings.

A Clock in the Status Bar

Customize the clock button to show an analog clock face, the current date or seconds.

Clicking the clock shows the countdown and alarm functionality. Use countdowns as a reminder to take breaks and the alarm about future events.

It is easy to forget time while browsing on the Internet and the new clock can help you remember important events.

You can save alarm and countdown presets, and set them quickly through the Clock context menu.

Navigate quicker

A notable exception from major browsers today, Spatial Navigation radically reduces the number of keys you need to press to navigate links on a web page. It is critical for users who do not use a mouse to navigate around a page.

In this version, Spatial Navigation has got a significant boost. With the use of SHIFT and the cursor keys, it is possible to find any link with reduced key presses. This is a lot faster than just tabbing through the links on a page, one by one.

Watch Pop-out videos better

While more people adjust to working from home, there’s been a commensurate bump in consuming video.

There’s more functionality to the Pop-out video (Picture-in-Picture). Crucially, you can now disable it in the Settings under WebPages if you wish to focus on another task.

You can also use a slider to seek specific positions in the video all from directly within the popout.

Vivaldi comes with a wealth of useful features. Some of the more popular are listed below:


Mobile: The first version of Vivaldi for Android

After a few months in beta, some incredible feedback, and impressive downloads, the stable version of the new fully-featured Vivaldi for Android is here. Available on Android 5 or higher, it’s also compatible with tablets and Chromebooks.

What makes Vivaldi for Android different from the pack?

With a first-of-its-kind User Interface, Vivaldi puts focus on ease of use, flexibility, keeping go-to tools (including Panels, Speed Dials, Notes and Capture) within easy reach, and a distinctive visual appeal. The key functionality is all just a tap away.

In most browsers, it’s difficult to keep track of many open tabs. But in Vivaldi, you can view the tabs that are open and also switch between them easily. We’ve integrated an elegant desktop-style Tab Strip in the UI by default.

This unique feature improves usability significantly. For more screen space, disable it in Vivaldi Settings.

Screen space is crucial in mobile browsing where every pixel matters. Unlike other browsers, Vivaldi has a carefully designed, intuitive user interface for both portrait and landscape mode.

Landscape mode comes with greater width. When you flip your browser in landscape mode, it will not look like portrait mode. For maximum space – and easy access – the toolbar at the bottom is removed and buttons moved to the top.

At the same time, even the System Status Bar at the top can be enabled or disabled for more screen space.

Many mobile phones today have large screens and you can browse the desktop versions of sites. For that you’ll need all the vertical space you can get and that’s what we’re giving you.

Here’s a closer look of Vivaldi’s user interface: portrait, landscape, and a tablet mode:

Browse privately with built-in Ad and Tracker blocker

In place of ads and trackers, Vivaldi offers privacy and speed. Just like on desktop, the Tracker blocker uses the DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar-powered blocklist.

Off by default, you can enable the Ad and Tracker blocker through the shield icon in the left end of the Address field or head to Settings → Ads and Tracker blocking

The shield icon indicates whether Ads and Tracker blocking is active on the current page. It also helps to enable or disable blocking for specific sites if that’s what you prefer. You can further manage the blocking level per site from here (or from Settings → Ads and Tracker blocker).

For enhanced privacy, you can also keep your browsing history discreet using private tabs – searches, sites visited, cookies and temporary files won’t be stored by Vivaldi.

Sync your data, seamlessly and safely

Sync browsing data – Bookmarks, Speed Dials, saved passwords, autofill information, History (only typed URLs for now), Notes – securely between installations of Vivaldi and other devices with our end-to-end encryption.

No third-party servers – Vivaldi stores Sync data on its own servers in Iceland.

Manage tabs with a Tab Switcher

With a quick swipe, find an open tab, private tab, recently closed tab or even a tab that is open on another device. Pro-tip: Rather than copy/pasting a URL to create a duplicate tab, use Clone Tab from the menu to save time.

Take notes on the go

Create notes as you browse and sync them between devices with the built-in Notes feature. Unique to Vivaldi, Notes help you do more – faster.

Snap screenshots

Capture, save and share a full-page screenshot of any website, or just a selection of the area visible on your screen – a unique functionality.

Do more with Speed Dials on the Start Page

Browse faster, create multiple Speed Dials for different tasks or categories, group and manage bookmarks into folders – all with just a tap. Drag and drop to rearrange Speed Dials, add (and even edit) Speed Dials to the current folder and get to sites quicker.

Search and switch engines on the fly

Switch from one search engine instantly in the Address Bar using nicknames – another unique feature.

Embrace dark mode

Choose between Vivaldi’s dark and light theme and browse more efficiently in tune with your personal needs and aesthetic preference.

Tweak Vivaldi even more in Settings

Access the Settings window through the Vivaldi menu and play around with some useful functions:

  • Get a clean house with a quick swipe by enabling Swipe to Close Tabs. `
  • Change the size of Speed Dials with Small Speed Dials.
  • Tick Hide Status Bar for more screen space.
  • Enable Show Scrollbars on Internal Pages to see how far down the page you are.
  • Browse with Always Show Desktop Site to display the desktop version of the site.
  • Under Accessibility, go for Simplified View for Web pages for clutter-free “reader view” style pages.

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We hope you enjoy our biggest update so far this year!

Stay safe!

Check out our detailed changelog for Desktop and Mobile


Changelog – Vivaldi 2.11 to 3.0


New features

  • [New][Blocker] Tracking and ad blocker (VB-46272)
  • [New][Status Bar] Clock utility (VB-18701)
  • [New][Spatial Navigation] Re-implement the feature
  • [New][macOS] Option for automatic, silent updates on next start (VB-20993)
  • [New][Popout Video] Add a setting to disable (VB-63456)
  • [New][Popout Video] Add video progress bar (VB-65187)
  • [New][Popout Video] Seek forward and backwards using cursor (arrow) keys (VB-65796)
  • [New][Settings] Allow sorting of saved passwords list (VB-4820)


Full changelog




  • [Blocker] Add basic tracker and ads blocking statistics VB-65197
  • [Blocker] Add support for automatic element hiding VB-65689
  • [Blocker] Tracking blocker VB-46272
  • [Blocker] Tracking and ad blocker UI VB-58950


  • [Bookmarks][Notes] Make it possible to delete all items from trash (VB-56624)
  • [Bookmarks][Notes] Select all menu item added VB-64206


  • [Settings] Add an option ‘Always Show Desktop Site’ (VB-59366)
  • [Settings] Add scroll indicators to Speed Dial and Tab switcher (VB-55260)
  • [Settings] Add setting to hide status bar VB-63717
  • [Settings] Make it possible to choose small or large Speed Dials VB-62490
  • [Settings] Swipe to close tabs (VB-57094)

Start Page

  • [Start Page] Add back arrow to Speed Dial sub-folder indicator VB-62863
  • [Start Page] Add dragging item on top of other item to create a folder in Speed Dial VB-59061
  • [Start Page] Add “Drag Speed Dial to folder” to add item to folder VB-59060
  • [Start Page] Add sub-folder indicator in Speed Dial VB-62300
  • [Start Page] Add popup menu to add folder or Speed Dial for Speed Dial plus button (VB-57631)
  • [Start Page] Drag Speed Dials around to change order (VB-57995)
  • [Start Page] Drag Speed Dial on folder indicator to move out of it VB-62464
  • [Start Page] Make it possible to edit and delete Speed Dials (VB-57597)

User Interface

  • [UI] Landscape view panel VB-59800
  • [UI] Implement tabs for Phone UI VB-62382


  • [Chromebooks] Make Vivaldi work on Chromebooks (VB-59995)

Other fixes

  • Upgraded Chromium to 81.0.4044.114
  • Updated translations

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