1.8 stabilization and translation – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.8.770.25

In this snapshot we start to focus on stabilization for the 1.8 final, with the priority switching to fixing regressions. We have also started to resolve some long standing translation issues.

Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.8.770.25

Translation updates

Those of you who use Vivaldi in another language may notice that we have made a significant step forward with regards to translations, as we have now begun the process of translating strings we inherit from the Chromium project. There is plenty more to do but already many will see that “Paste and Go” and some of the strings in the context menus are updated, especially for links and pictures.

Known issues

  • Width and Height information are inverted in popup windows

Download (1.8.770.25)


  • [Regression] Can not disable save password prompt (VB-26105)
  • [Regression] Twitter web notifications do not work (VB-26048)
  • [Regression] With UI Zoom other than 100% columns waste screen space (VB-26254)
  • [Regression][Bookmarks] Searching for nicknames and description is not working anymore (VB-26227)
  • [Linux] Increase the reliablity of working proprietary media (H.264/AAC/MP3) on Ubuntu (VB-26379)
  • [Linux] Vivaldi crashes on startup if an old libffmpeg.so is copied into its installation directory (VB-26380)
  • [Themes] Audio icon appears white with tabs on left / right side when in dark theme (VB-20846)
  • [History] Day picker selection is now reflected in the list view (VB-26195)
  • Make sure we have translated all necessary strings: further work still needs to be done (VB-1413)
  • Uninstall should open an uninstall page to help find out how Vivaldi can be improved (VB-26219)
  • Auto-update window flickering (VB-25887)
  • Changing tabs by scrolling doesn’t work with vertical tabs in overflow (VB-19062)
  • Context menu for image searching is needed (VB-13533)
  • POST does not send data to new tab (VB-25688)
  • Popup window work as regular tab (VB-3823)