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Vivaldi 3.4

Vivaldi on Android launches improved Speed Dial layout, introduces built-in arcade game Vivaldia.

Vivaldi on Android with Vivaldia game and Speed Dials.

Game on with Vivaldia

Play a real 80s arcade-style game directly in Vivaldi on Android (as well as desktop) both offline and online.

Vivaldia, a pixel-perfect arcade-style runner game makes its debut.

Vivaldi on Android 3.4 new speed dial layouts.

The new Speed Dial layouts

Access your favorite sites and organize bookmarks more quickly using Speed Dials in new layouts:

  • Large Speed Dials.
  • Small Speed Dials.
  • Speed Dial List.

Did you know?💡

You can move Vivaldi’s Tab Bar (the unconventional real desktop-style tabs) and Address Bar to the bottom or keep them at the top. Super flexible!✨

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