Vivaldi 4.2

Tweaked and Tuned…. 🔨

….and better than before. 🥳

We’ve tinkered with the app and fixed some rough edges. Vivaldi is fresh, new, and shiny! ✨

Just as you thought things couldn’t get more private. 🔏

👋Friends in the United States, we’ve got a new, privacy-friendly search engine for you.

Get Neeva as a default option for a totally ad-free search experience, now on both desktop and Android. 😍

Share links to another app ? 🤔

Yes, that is possible.🙌

Just tap on the Vivaldi Menu Icon and share. (Vivaldi menu > Share)

Rightly said: Sharing is caring. 🤗

📢Hold the caffeine, please.

Coz we have the Cinnamon. 😂

Linux folks! We became the default browser on the Arch-based Linux distribution Manjaro’s Cinnamon edition. 🐧

Vivaldi 4.1

Stay in Vivaldi. Your browser, your home. 🏠

We love options. And here’s a new one! ❤

Open external pages in Vivaldi, rather than launching other apps. 👏

For example, tapping a YouTube link would open the video in Vivaldi rather than taking you to the YouTube app. 📹

Go to the V icon > Settings > Web pages > Stay in browser.

Have it your way with Tab Stacks. 😍

Love working with tab stacks (groups) to stay more organized?

We’ve got you covered! 🙇‍♀️

Now you can enable Tab Stacks in the Settings.

Go to the V icon > Settings > Tabs > Enable Tab Stack.

As with everything else in Vivaldi, it can be easily disabled if you prefer.

Open a new tab? Discover the new tab settings. ✨

Now open the new tab settings from these options:

  • After Related Tabs
  • After Active Tab
  • As Last Tab
  • As Tab Stack With Related Tab

To find the new tab settings, go to the V icon > Settings > New Tab Position.

Did you know?🤔

Vivaldi’s Tab Bar is optimized for both landscape and portrait modes. 👏

The unique Tab Bar at the top works nicely in the landscape mode improving usability significantly. Disable it in the Settings for more screen space.

Browsing with the option “Always Show Desktop Site” in landscape mode works well too.🎉

Rock-n-Roll with Accordion Tabs and Command Chains on desktop 🎵

Two brand-new features have been launched in Vivaldi’s latest desktop version. Watch some snappy videos on how they work on our YouTube channel. 👯‍♂️