Vivaldi has been updated

What's New

With a new and improved Pop-out video, updated Themes that match your OS theme better, and a unique accessibility feature – the first desktop update of 2020 has landed!

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Illustration showing Picture in Picture feature of Vivaldi Browser


bugs fixed


features added

Watch Pop-out video more intuitively

Pop-out video lets you watch a video in a separate, floating window that can be moved around while you carry on browsing in your other tabs.

Now, a simple click on a small box in the center of the video will launch videos in the same movable, resizable, floating window you know and love. You can also use forward and back buttons while watching a video that’s part of a playlist.

Screenshot showing icon to help you easily enable Picture in Picture

Light or dark – match Themes with your operating system better

In today's update, we've got Themes working better for you. When you launch Vivaldi for the first time, the browser will change its default theme to match your operating system’s light or dark mode.

Focus shift via the keyboard by using F6 and Shift+F6

Here's a unique accessibility feature for you – heavy keyboard users will love it! You can now focus different areas of the UI using F6. Simply use F6 to cycle keyboard focus between the webpage, bookmarks bar, tab bar, and address bar, and Shift+F6 to reverse.