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ITPRO | Q&A: Vivaldi lighting up browser market for power users

December 2, 2016

We speak to Tatsuki Tomita, COO and co-founder of Vivaldi, to find out what it can offer power users.

SlashGear | Vivaldi web browser can directly control Philips Hue bulbs

November 24, 2016

There are tons of web browsers in the world today, not counting the big three or four. Vivaldi is a breed apart.


Digital Journal | New Vivaldi ‘smart’ browser features home automation integration

November 22, 2016

Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner announced the latest version 1.5 of his web browser Vivaldi, a niche product that has been met with highly positive reception since its release.

TechCrunch as seen in Vivaldi browser

TechCrunch | Vivaldi’s updated browser syncs smart light bulbs to ‘the color of the web’

November 22, 2016

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably pretty tough getting the public to notice your new browser.

Engadget | Vivaldi’s web browser can control your Hue lights

November 22, 2016

A gimmick? Absolutely, however Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner has hinted at broader and possibly more useful functionality in the future.

PCWorld | Vivaldi browser bakes in Philips Hue smart bulb integration to blend the web with the real world

November 22, 2016

The latest version of the intriguing Vivaldi browser just rolled out with an interesting addition meant to meld the Internet with your physical space.


Factor Daily | The browser war hots up as Vivaldi goes full throttle to net the power user

November 21, 2016

A brand new web browser — Vivaldi — is trying to change the game. The brainchild of Jon Von Tetzchner, who gave us the Opera browser, the new browser is not for your average joe. It’s aimed at the power user and even comes with the tagline “Powerful and Personal.”

Ein Browser für Geeks

Gründerszene | Ein Browser für Geeks (German language)

November 17, 2016

Er war einer der Gründer von Opera und bis 2010 CEO. Nun will Jon von Tetzchner seinem alten Arbeitgeber mit dem neuen Vivaldi-Browser die User abjagen.

Opera Co-Founder Wants Super-Browser Vivaldi To Change How Power Users Surf The Web

Forbes | Opera Co-Founder Wants Super-Browser Vivaldi To Change How Power Users Surf The Web

November 17, 2016

A new browser is offering a challenge to Chrome, Explorer and Firefox by providing power users with all the additional options they could want.


International Business Times | Vivaldi founder Jon von Tetzchner on why Vivaldi is your next browser

November 16, 2016

Vivaldi founder Tetzchner speaks on his approach to web browsers and what Vivaldi promises to offer that no other browser can. Tetzchner also opened up about how Vivaldi is a disruption in the monotonous browser market, led by Google, Apple and Microsoft.


Forbes | Web Browser Vivaldi Launches In A Major Challenge To Firefox And Google Chrome

November 9, 2016

The new challenger in the ring is called Vivaldi.

ZDNet | Vivaldi’s email client, sync: How its browser team is working on key new features

November 3, 2016

Jon von Tetzchner’s Vivaldi project is aimed at delivering an advanced browser, but its innovation process isn’t just about big new features.

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