10 lifehacks for the Vivaldi browser

Hi there!

In creating the Vivaldi browser we are trying to follow our traditional philosophy: provide users with maximum flexibility in web browser design. That’s why we always add new cool features and expand on the options already available in Settings. It happens in nearly every build.

And according to your feedback, you like the way we are doing things at Vivaldi. Of course it makes browser more complex and will sometimes generate a bug or two. However, you will get access to new features you didn’t know you needed until you used Vivaldi. Today we want to show you a small list of Vivaldi «lifehacks» that can make your web browser experience even more smooth and efficient. More you!

1. “Boss-button”

It’s not a secret that many of us sometimes like to visit a few non work related web-sites during work hours. Especially in time of major sports events. But not all bosses approve of this so users are trying to find ways to hide the screen content quickly from prying eyes of others. Well, we’ve got you covered in Vivaldi. Actually, this feature is more elegant in Vivaldi than it appears: there’s no button! To activate this mode just enable «Filter Obscure» in the «Page actions» list. Now just move the mouse cursor out of the browser window and the page content disappeares! Your job is saved!

2. Bookmarks sorting

We like bookmarks! Most of our users have a large collections of links gathered on the web over the years. The problem: from time to time we need to sort all those links to keep our bookmarks managable and usful. Even todays’s large displays may not be big enough to view a full list of bookmarks. Vivaldi to the rescue! Just open the bookmark side panel and manage them from there or between tabs and bookmarks panel.

3. Creating Bookmarks

Yes, this feature is a simple one, widly known and available in web browsers. But Vivaldi offers you yet another way to create bookmarks. Sounds familiar? Just open the bookmarks side bar and drag-n-drop the page icon on the appropriate bookmark folder.

4. Changing the start page

Vivaldi allow you to create a few Speed Dials. They can include bookmarks from a certain catergory if that is how you like it. Right now there’s no simple way to sort your Speed Dials in the browser interface and setting one of them as default. But there is a solution! Again, open the bookmarks side panel and rearrange Speed Dial folders as you want them and set your own default while you’re at it. Easy!

5. Saved passwords viewing

Most of us have tons of accounts spread around on world wide web. Sometimes you need to recall a password you created many months ago. We forget those things at times and we should not store or write them down. So how can you see them in the Vivaldi browser? It’s very simple. As Vivaldi is based on a solid core some functions are inherited. This is one of those: Type this address in an address field:


Now you can find and read the password for any account. Remember to close this view!

6. YouTube channels in the side bar

If you want to be updated on new videos in a subscribed YouTube channel, just create a web-panel for the channel in the Vivaldi side panel — now new videos are only a click away!

7. Fast cloning the tabs

Do you often clone tabs? Just create a hotkey for this action and forget about the context menu unless that is how you want to do it. This is Vivaldi, remember? Everyone can do everything their own way and now you can clone tabs with a hotkey!

8. Settings as home page

If you want to have access to the Vivaldi settings in one click, just set the internal page vivaldi://settings as home page! Now you can open settings at any time by clicking the Home button. How cool is that?

9. Fast searching the tab

Sometimes it’s not easy to find a certain tab if you have a lot open, especially if they are from the same web-site. But in Vivaldi you can just push the F2 key and start typing the page title or URL. Your page will be in the filtered list. Highlight the one you want and hit Enter — you’ve got it!

10. Zig-zag gesture

Mouse gestures is a common feature in popular browsers. In Vivaldi also of course. Even more so in Vivaldi actually! In our test builds we added a new feature, a mouse gestures editor that allows you to create as many gestures as you can think up. But it’s possible that all good combinations of mouse movements are in use. In that case just try the new Zig-Zag gesture! It works!

That’s all for now. You will find the stable version of Vivaldi on the main web-site while the test builds are made available in the developers blogs. And don’t forget to send your bug-reports and suggestions to us. We need them to be able to make the best browser ever for each and every user, our friends!