YouTube feed fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3160.27

In today’s snapshot we have YouTube feed fixes, performance improvements for those with lots of bookmarks, and a handy crash fix.

Download (3160.27)


  • [Bookmarks] Shrink the Bookmarks file for existing users – move thumbnails to file (VB-100455)
  • [Crash] While opening private window (VB-99905)
  • [Feeds] Dropdown can display the name of a previous search term instead of the YouTube channel name (VB-100089)
  • [Feeds] YouTube playlists feeds can show the name of a previously seen playlist (VB-100090)
  • [Tabs] Accordion tab stack selection overflows tab bar (VB-100621)
  • [Tabs] UI moves with side stacking and scrolling (VB-100660)
  • [Windows] Enabling native window removes window controls (VB-100623)

Main photo by Christian Lue.