Upgrade to Chromium 114 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3023.3/10

In today’s snapshot we update to a newer Chromium backend and include numerous fixes across the board.

Known Issues

  • [macOS][Widevine] DRM’d videos from Netflix, Disney+, etc. will not play (VB-97598): fixed with 3023.10
  • [Linux][Media] No suitable third party package to support proprietary media: some videos will not play: see first comment for a workaround

Download (3023.3/10)


  • [Bookmarks] Dialog height and overflow is wrong (VB-97181)
  • [Calendar] Cannot change tabs in inline editing (VB-97338)
  • [Calendar] Error handling when removing calendar account (VB-97183)
  • [Calendar] Move Today button between Previous and Next buttons (VB-97377)
  • [Calendar] Wrong hour format in Calendar Status (VB-93246)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Skip download prompt when “Open ICS files in Vivaldi” enabled (VB-97411)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Repeat being available for a task with no due date is confusing (VB-92084)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 114.0.5735.31
  • [Clock] “Start” alarm button should be named “Set” (VB-89240)
  • [Clock] Add button to remove all past timers (VB-73261)
  • [Clock] Can’t set an alarm for 0:00 (VB-72634)
  • [Clock] Display alarm name in clock button (VB-66062)
  • [Clock] Dropdown progress display issues (VB-96667)
  • [Clock] In countdown mode it displays both progress and clock hands (VB-96666)
  • [Clock] Japanese AM/PM info in Alarm setting is cut off (VB-86596)
  • [Clock] Unable to set arbitrary alarm time (VB-68724)
  • [Crash] On fedex.com (VB-97476)
  • [Crash] On startup (VB-97192)
  • [Crash][Extensions] iCloud Passwords extension cannot be deleted (VB-97170)
  • [Crash][macOS] Adding google account in system settings causes crash (VB-95984)
  • [Developer tools] Opened as background of Startpage (VB-97133)
  • [Feeds] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds] RSS and OPML preview enhancements: Fix empty titles, sans-serif font, emoji, tracking pixels (VB-97243)
  • [Feeds][Mail] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds][Settings] Merge feeds’ Offline checkbox into the Refresh Interval drop-down as “Never” (VB-97434)
  • [Icons] The New Note and Screenshot button icons are too similar (VB-92823)
  • [macOS] adding Google account in system settings causes crash (VB-95984)
  • [Mail] After importing from Opera Mail, those with attachments are not flagged as such (VB-96659)
  • [Mail] Body not rendered for multipart messages with missing end-boundary (VB-97433)
  • [Mail] Changing a query filter does not remove messages that no longer match (VB-97242)
  • [Mail] Clarify deletions in empty trash confirmation dialog (VB-96971)
  • [Mail] Fixes for marking and unmarking junk (VB-96789)
  • [Mail] Panel not updated after subscribing to a feed through preview (VB-97442)
  • [Mail] Panel shows no accounts briefly on startup (VB-97340)
  • [oAuth] Fixes for Outloook / Hotmail (VB-97248)
  • [Quick Commands] Scroll bar on Quick Commands is not working (VB-97176)
  • [Settings] “About Vivaldi” entry has the chrome icon (VB-97214)
  • [Sync][Profiles] Not possible to Sign In to Sync from Profile switcher (VB-97382)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Copy Links from selected tabs or Tab Stacks (VB-96011)
  • [Vivaldia] Game is blurry (VB-77929)
  • [Welcome] Add favicon to the Welcome Page (VB-97104)
  • [Windows][Installer] On upgrade task bar icons are broken (VB-97113)

Main photo by Abhinav Sharma