Underlying mail changes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2617.2

In today’s snapshot we bump Chromium to 100, change how mail processes work, and include fixes and improvements across a range of areas.

Known issues

  • [Mail] Messages sometimes show up twice: fixed on restart (VB-87507)

Download (2617.2)


  • [Address bar] Doesn’t show the address until it gets loaded (VB-87333)
  • [Address bar] The URL field will lose the text selection with a custom start page (VB-87267)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 100.0.4896.43
  • [Commands][Tabs] Add position commands (VB-87214)
  • [Command chains][Keyboard][Gestures] Fails before restart (VB-85590)
  • [Languages] No Kabyle language in the list of accepted languages (VB-87488)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary codecs to 100.0.4896.30-106454 (VB-87445)
  • [Panel] refactor previous mail panel (VB-87291)
  • [Popout Video] PIP button not appearing on videos on france.tv (VB-84385)
  • [Quick Commands] Add support for filtering words (VB-75763)
  • [Quick Commands] History doesn’t do full search (VB-87532)
  • [Reading List] Add multiple selected tabs at once with dialog or shortcut (VB-86403)
  • [Reading List] Add a unread counter and show it in icon and panel (VB-86652)
  • [Settings] Use smaller amount of border radius on check boxes (VB-87389)
  • [Settings] Can not display long title correctly when “show tab bar” is unchecked (VB-87096)
  • [Speed Dial] Search dropdown under privacy dialog (VB-87282)
  • [Speed Dial] Privacy statistics banner is affected by maximum column number (VB-87478)
  • [Speed Dial] Start page settings are covered by search field in a narrow view (VB-87347)
  • [Tabs] Canceling “Leave Site?” dialog breaks the tab bar (VB-86386)
  • [Tabs] Dragging speed dial shows chrome url (VB-87322)
  • [Tabs] Improve tab dragging user experience (VB-86295)
  • [Tabs] Only one thumbnail is shown for stacks (VB-87306)
  • [Tabs] stacked in accordion mode are autocollapsed even if auto-expand is checked (VB-86631)
  • [Themes] Clean up Razer integration with the new theme system (VB-87484)
  • [Translate] Breaks gog.com newsletters (VB-84232)
  • [UI] Avoid white flash on startup (VB-87263)
  • [Update Dialog] Inform users which version number they will update to (VB-86453)
  • [Windows] Moving a tab to new window does not open in maximized window (VB-20038)
  • [Windows][Settings][Themes] Eye dropper in color picker in Theme Editor does not work (VB-85018)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Agenda panel doesn’t display events past midnight correctly (VB-73520)
  • [Calendar] Improved contrast for Current Day / Time marker (VB-87360)
  • [Calendar] All day events misaligned in week view (VB-87362)
  • [Calendar] Can not add task from agenda view by clicking when “Select Period” is chosen (VB-87083)
  • [Calendar] Can not hide Google task lists (VB-81062)
  • [Calendar] Current day marker shows for any year (VB-66888)
  • [Calendar] Difficult to spot if black calendar is selected (VB-71548)
  • [Calendar] Editor is transparent in Day View (VB-87283)
  • [Calendar] Unify and clean up Attendee status icons (VB-87465)
  • [Feeds] Titles in feeds panel can get mangled (VB-87380)
  • [Feeds][Panel] Opening a feed opens mail panel’s unread instead (VB-87326)
  • [Mail][Panel][Settings] Automatic doesn’t work with shortcuts (VB-87461)
  • [Mail][Panel] Opens when closing mail tab (VB-87021)
  • [Mail][Panel] Opens empty when panel is disabled (VB-87155)
  • [Mail] Create a separate process for mail background work (VB-75952)
  • [Mail] Double scrollbars (VB-87530)
  • [Mail] Adding Yahoo account does not work (VB-87294)
  • [Mail] Filters running indefinitely (VB-86996)
  • [Mail] IMAP Inbox paths are not case sensitive (VB-77181)
  • [Mail] Is prefetching already imported bodies (VB-81283)
  • [Mail] Marking [flagging] a mail not possible (VB-87393)
  • [Mail] Signature is added every time you edit a draft (VB-68960)
  • [Mail] UTF-7 encoded message body not decoded correctly (VB-84218)
  • [Mail][Panel][Settings] Doesn’t open automatically when global floating panels are enabled (VB-87337)

Main photo by Jeremy Bezanger.