Translate fixes and improvements to Calendar/Mail/RSS – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2312.11

Today’s snapshot continues with improvements to the big features for the upcoming stable.

Download (2312.11)


  • [Translate] Add support for additional languages and local names where needed (VB-80195)
  • [Translate] Offers to translate Norwegian to Norwegian (VB-80225)
  • [Translate] “Payload too large” error on some sites (VB-80241)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Calendar] Hidden calendar shows notifications (VB-80166)
  • [Mail][Calendar][RSS] No menu shows up in main menus (VB-80234)
  • [Mail] Error in console when setting mail signature in settings (VB-80082)
  • [Mail] Check the email and error “Source filter not found” was received (VB-78515)
  • [Mail] Inline images show briefly when switching message (VB-76319)
  • [Mail] Turn Mail off by default and migrate existing users (VB-80130)
  • [RSS][Panels] Deleting feed from list does not remove the name (VB-74113)

Main photo by Liam Truong