Theme Sharing – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2482.13

In today’s snapshot we take browser theming to the next level, with shareable themes.

Themes 2.0

Themes have received a massive overhaul. The settings interface has been updated to better reflect everything that’s now included in a theme, with the most noticeable change being the inclusion of the background image in the theme itself. Additionally, you can now import and export themes. At the bottom of the new theme editor, there are two new buttons: “Open Theme…” and “Export Theme…”. Once you have made a theme you are happy with, click the export button to generate a zip file. These can then be shared either directly with your friends, or you can upload it to our brand new Themes gallery and share it with the world. Check out the gallery (see the “get more themes” link in settings) to find a multitude of new themes, ready for easy install, right from the website.

Known Issues

  • [Themes] Accent color is not applied until user clicks inside page (VB-84253)

Download (2482.13)


  • [New][Themes] Theme sharing (VB-38363)
  • [New][Linux][RPM][aarch64][armv7hl] Should have more ARM packages (VB-84132)
  • [Address bar] Checking a URL with a search engine goes to URL instead of searching (VB-84115)
  • [Address bar] URL in address field not updated after opening a site from Bookmarks menu (VB-83568)
  • [Capture] Dragging isn’t possible after screenshot (VB-84242)
  • [Chromium] Many settings are broken (VB-84034)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.42
  • [Downloads] Data blob download fails (VB-84157)
  • [Downloads] Elements cut off with Russian language (VB-84170)
  • [Downloads][Popup] Add placeholder when there are no downloads (VB-84228)
  • [Gestures][Settings] Animation not displaying (VB-82288)
  • [Gestures][Keyboard] Translate Page Not Available as a Command (VB-82214)
  • [Linux] Correct repository URLs to always use https
  • [Linux] On upgrades Vivaldi can hit 100% CPU: wait for the next snapshot to observe this fix (VB-80772)
  • [Linux][Deb] Get rid of warning from cron job
  • [Linux][Deb] Remove Flash from deb recommends
  • [Linux][Deb][arm64] Does not autoupdate (VB-84131)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 96.0.4664.27—104707
  • [macOS][Bookmarks] Folder menu on bookmark bar crashes (VB-84117)
  • [Menu] Improve capability to recover from broken syntax in menu files (VB-84124)
  • [Pop out Video] Progress bar in PIP window too tall (VB-84186)
  • [Speed Dial] Opening a page from a folder, then going back does not return you to the folder (VB-84101)
  • [Speed Dial][Search] Ask users to consider using Startpage instead of Google (VB-73553)
  • [Sync] Can’t use $ in password (VB-83806)
  • [Tabs] Dragging should update less when animations are off (VB-83757)
  • [Tabs] Dragging tab selects another tab (VB-83758)
  • [Tabs][Keyboard] F6 focus selection disappears on tab stacks (VB-83959)
  • [Translate] History should always display latest translation on top (VB-84047)
  • [Translate][Panels] Let swap button swap text as well (VB-84156)
  • [User Agent] Vivaldi is blocked on certain websites: make ‘Not A Brand’ last in the Sec-Ch-Ua header (VB-83905)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar][Keyboard] Double entries (VB-84192)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Error logger improvements (VB-84064)
  • [Mail] Add “Rename Mailing List” to context menu (VB-83175)
  • [Mail] Import – allow selecting accounts to include (VB-84133)
  • [Mail] Temporarily out of sync with server (VB-83577)
  • [Mail] Unnecessary confirm delete dialogs (VB-84118)

Main photo by Paweł Pawlak