The missing snapshot / scrollable tabs – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2533.3

As an… umm… end of year present(?), we give you scrollable tabs!

Just before the new year (on the 29th of December to be precise) we were trying to get a snapshot out to you. It was tested and it was ready but in all the excitement of the New Year, it seems that we never made it live. Since that time we have done a bunch more fixes and changes and our plan is to try and get those out to you in a snapshot before the week is up but you might as well have this one while you wait! 😉

Download (2533.3)


  • [New][Tabs] Scrolling horizontal tabs (VB-36781)
  • [Crash] On and AOL Mail (VB-84978)
  • [Panels] Allow better control of floating on a per panel basis via right click: present before but fixed up (VB-85226)
  • [Reader] Increase font size in Reader Mode beyond the current 200% (VB-53675)
  • [Tabs] Browser window becomes unusable when re-ordering tabs with tab stacking set to accordion (VB-85496)
  • [Tabs] Dragging compact tab stacks does not always work (VB-85474)
  • [Tabs] Missing translation for Start Page in new tab during opening a site (VB-79328)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Cannot import ics file from web calendar. (VB-85364)
  • [Calendar] Incorrect error message when adding account (VB-84563)
  • [Calendar] Syncing changes for “This and upcoming” is broken (VB-85344)
  • [Calendar] Undeleted All Day event comes back to wrong dates (VB-85504)
  • [Mail] Add X to mail addresses in compose window to delete them (VB-32111)
  • [Mail] Import from Thunderbird (VB-74668)
  • [Mail] Unable to copy multiple mail addresses from composing window (VB-77156)
  • [Mail] Uncaught Error: Filter not found when setting up account (VB-85021)

Main photo by Paweł Pawlak.