Sunday snapshot – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2623.3

As we are getting closer to the release date now, we thought you might appreciate an extra snapshot.

Download (2623.3)


  • [Address bar] Add formatted display for query string: do not encode it (VB-87619)
  • [Crash] When selecting input field on web page (VB-83345)
  • [Crash] when closing tab with onbeforeunload dialog (VB-86640)
  • [Extensions] chrome.sessions.getRecentlyClosed says chrome.sessions.MAX_SESSION_RESULTS is too large (VB-87576)
  • [Notes] Checkmarks in checkboxes not displayed anymore (VB-87404)
  • [Notes] Make it easier to create new note in Notes Manager (VB-87674)
  • [Quick Commands] Filtering should allow to filter extension (VB-87610)
  • [Quick Commands] Filtering should select the appropriate item (VB-87609)
  • [Quick Commands] Hint Suggestion is broken when filtering (VB-87713)
  • [Search] For image context menu entry missing (VB-87682)
  • [Search] Make sure to use a default image search that works for the locale (VB-87718)
  • [Search] Nonlocalized preloaded yahoo search icon is broken (VB-87717)
  • [Settings] Rename “Crypto Token” setting and confirm its change (VB-86388)
  • [Tabs] Dragging the active tab by sliding it minimizes it when it shouldn’t (VB-87631)
  • [Tabs] Minimise Active Tab is Broken (VB-87606)
  • [Tabs] Selection by keyboard shortcut issue (VB-70433)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tab bar does not scroll when opening a tab (VB-87345)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Cannot add web calendar events (VB-87698)
  • [Mail] Add support for the User-Agent header but allow the user to disable it (VB-1767)
  • [Mail] Do not bold unread subject in mail-detail-header (VB-87694)
  • [Mail] Importing IMAP account from Opera Mail doesn’t import the “Prefetch full messages” setting for the account (VB-77762)
  • [Mail] Incorrect counter in panel & statusbar on startup (VB-87726)
  • [Mail] Incorrect focus outline for signature (VB-87729)
  • [Mail] Marking unread on sent to self also marks the sent message unread (VB-74321)
  • [Mail] Removing an account does not remove its custom-folder filters from db (VB-86429)

Main photo by Djim Loic.