Stabilizing as we get close to 5.7 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2921.29

Today’s snapshot fixes more address field and mail issues has a minor bump to Chromium.

Known issues

  • [macOS][Crash] On closing fullscreen video in a private window (VB-95156)

Download (2921.29)


  • [Address bar] Can not add a / at end of a already visited URL as typed history dropdown appears (VB-94837)
  • [Address bar] Display typed text in TypedHistory for search query items (VB-94923)
  • [Address bar] Dropdown is searching for every typed character (VB-92185)
  • [Calendar] Can not drag to resize event (VB-94771)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 110.0.5481.89
  • [Clock] System inherited clock’s Japanese format is wrong (VB-93447)
  • [Feeds] YouTube feed items blank (VB-94957)
  • [Mail] Lag in composer when replying to a a large message (VB-95001)
  • [Mail] Prefer text/html|plain when text/plain|html is empty (VB-94529)
  • [Mail] Very slow rendering of certain messages (VB-93717)
  • [Media] Issues with blobURLs: new, better fix (VB-94908)
  • [Themes][History] All history analytics are black when the highlight colour is black (VB-94528)
  • [Windows Panel][Panels] Wrong tile menu (VB-94755)

Main photo by Colton Sturgeon