Snap Layouts, Take Two – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2763.3

Today’s snapshot re-enables snap layouts and includes a bunch of features across the board.

Test carefully as several of the more critical fixes will be backported to the current stable as we expect to do a minor update before the week is out.

Download (2763.3)


  • [Address bar] Can’t close a site badge by clicking it again (VB-14343)
  • [Address bar] Does not get focus on new window (VB-90852)
  • [Address bar] Drag and drop selected text from end up with full URL (VB-90585)
  • [Calendar] Dismissing a reminder exits cancels maximization (VB-90202)
  • [Calendar] Event editor dialog disappears past bottom window border (VB-90568)
  • [Calendar] Google Calendar fails to load with the error (VB-90200)
  • [Calendar] Marking repeating task complete marks all complete (VB-90143)
  • [Calendar] When editing task it is not possible to toggle all day (VB-89976)
  • [Downloads] The search section of the download button states “Your download history is empty” (VB-90845)
  • [Feeds] No message found if travelling between time-zones (VB-90171)
  • [History] Page history shows internal URLs (VB-90893)
  • [Keyboard] Tabbing gets stuck in the ‘Set as default browser’ toolbar (VB-90854)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary media codecs URLs to use 105.0.5195.19-108372
  • [Mail] Account display name added in account setup interface (VB-36352)
  • [Mail] Add a setting to hide unread counter for junk
  • [Mail] Auto-linking of web addresses in plain-text mode is broken by some link contents (VB-90554)
  • [Mail] Disable compose action in menus when there are no accounts set up
  • [Mail] Filtering action: Move to archive (VB-88849)
  • [Mail] Prefetching already imported bodies (VB-81283)
  • [Mail][Notes] Editing link in composer doesn’t work (VB-89143)
  • [Mail][Panel][Performance] Speed up (VB-90858)
  • [Panel] Search box in Reading List Panel and Downloads Panel ignores two-key input (VB-90844)
  • [Settings][Mail] Setting to hide counter on Archive folder (VB-90774)
  • [Settings][Menus] Display menu icons in settings (VB-90505)
  • [Settings][Privacy] Disable hyperlink auditing and add a setting (VB-52073)
  • [Settings][Search] Pre-populated search engines are re-added on upgrade (VB-90892)
  • [Tabs] Cannot select multiple tabs after certain steps (VB-90881)
  • [Tabs] Wrong tabs are selected on closure (VB-90597)
  • [Themes] Change ‘Vivaldi’ and ‘Dark’ to have solid color backgrounds (VB-90782)
  • [UI] Use Alt key to expand/collapse all folders in a tree (VB-90540)
  • [Windows] Re-enable Windows 11 Snap Layout (VB-90884)
  • [Windows][Installer] Stop adding elevation service entry to the registry (VB-90860)

Main photo by Eirik Skarstein