New Capture and Sync UIs – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2431.3

In today’s snapshot we have lots of new toys, including new Capture and Sync UIs.

Known Issues

  • [Mail][Calendar] Google login popup on restart with an OAuth Google account in M3 or Calendar (VB-82865): Until we fix this you will need to login once per session, switch to “App Password” login or set your Gmail account as an offline account for the time being

Download (2431.3)


  • [New][Capture] Improve UI for Capture (VB-82126)
  • [New][Calendar] Show logs in status button (VB-82446)
  • [New][PWA] Enable PWA support: Right click on tab (VB-82920)
  • [New][Sync][Settings] Implement new Sync Settings UI (VB-74368)
  • [New][Translate] Add client support for more languages (VB-82864)
  • [Address bar] Paste and go crash in Private Window with chrome URL (VB-82951)
  • [Bookmarks] Bar extender button clipped outside window in bookmarks bar (VB-63811)
  • [Camera] Cannot access the camera when joining a video chat in a clean profile (VB-82797)
  • [Capture] Clicking the Status/title bar allows moving of window (VB-82880)
  • [Capture][Keyboard] Fullpage with Alt modifier on capture Button (VB-82608)
  • [Chains] Switch to theme by name (VB-81508)
  • [Chains][Settings] Command button and dragOver styling broken (VB-83015)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 94.0.4606.57
  • [Linux][Media] Fallback to use another source for FFMpeg when links 404 on x64 (VB-83070)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 94.0.4606.50
  • [macOS] Maximized window size lost from fullscreen video (VB-82933)
  • [macOS][Keyboard] Can not close developer tools window using keyboard (VB-13452)
  • [Menus][Settings] Command list search fails (VB-82732)
  • [PWA] Vivaldi PWAs are installed in same directory as Chrome PWAs (VB-61128)
  • [PWA] When restarted the address bar is displayed (VB-78953)
  • [Panels] The number of web panels is locked by window sizes: slim scrollbar transparency fix (VB-35633)
  • [Tabs] Closing a stack’s popup thumbnail does not remove it from the visual popup (VB-82762)
  • [Tabs] Popup thumbnails arrange horizontally instead of vertically (VB-82946)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Fewer avoidable re-renders when opening and closing tabs (VB-82798)
  • [Translate] Off screen popup (VB-81096)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Calendar] Button appears on a Guest window status bar (VB-82546)
  • [Calendar] Can not delete web calendar (VB-82753)
  • [Calendar] Cannot access all available calendars when dialog is close to the bottom of the window / screen (VB-82528)
  • [Calendar] Changing default calendar changes some events colors (VB-82563)
  • [Calendar] Changing event timezone to “Use Current Timezone” changes time (VB-83022)
  • [Calendar] Filter out some less useful / ambiguous timezones (VB-83069)
  • [Calendar] Hover tooltip does not show same time as event (VB-83019)
  • [Calendar] Improvements in styling of New Calendar dialog (VB-82879)
  • [Calendar] It should not be possible to set web calendar as default (VB-82721)
  • [Calendar] Name can be saved empty despite the real name (VB-82717)
  • [Calendar] Show notification for events that happened while the browser was not running (VB-63955)
  • [Calendar] Task created in synced GMail calendar shows one day too early in phone calendar app (VB-82524)
  • [Calendar][CalDAV] Due date not set on tasks when synced (VB-82821)
  • [Calendar][Panels] Clicking on ‘Today’ does not scroll and select the first event of today (VB-80246)
  • [Mail] Linkify address domains with hyphen in them (VB-82690)
  • [Mail] Make possible to search with from/to/cc emails start with (VB-82699)
  • [Mail] Offline accounts try to connect (VB-82312)
  • [Mail] Put all parts of saved filter in search string (VB-82482)
  • [Mail] Query missing in search field when pressing filters (VB-82680)
  • [Mail] Warning in console: ‘Entry not found in index, fallback to linear search’ (VB-83026)

Main photo by Jan Kopřiva