More mail and calendar improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3358.3

Today’s snapshot includes further small improvements to mail and calendar and handles the recent 0-days for Chromium.

Download (3358.3)


  • [A11y] Display command shortcuts in ToolbarButton tooltips (VB-106546)
  • [Address bar] Filter duplicate URLs in dropdown categories (VB-105835)
  • [Blocker] Lower the minimum time between rule updates to 1h (VB-106453)
  • [Calendar] Account name field does not display correctly (VB-106514)
  • [Calendar] Events imported into existing calendar (VB-106496)
  • [Calendar] Improve drag handling when editing event (VB-106529)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded 124.0.6367.221 (CVE-2024-4761, CVE-2024-4947)
  • [Download] Location doesn’t update when using “Save as” (VB-106015)
  • [Mail] Quick Reply – Add a toggle to toolbar (VB-106526)
  • [Mail] Quick Reply – Make editor resizable (VB-106523)
  • [Mail] Strip repeating punctuation marks from previews: headline and horizontal rule notations (VB-105704)
  • [Mail][POP3] TypeError: Cannot perform %TypedArray%.prototype.indexOf on a detached ArrayBuffer (VB-106528)
  • [Search] Update Private window default search to Startpage for all countries (VB-106518)

Main photo by Mikita Karasiou.