Media fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2920.4

Today’s snapshot fixes the two media bugs from the last snapshot.

A whale bursting out of the water and falling backwards

Known Issues

  • There are issues with blobURLs which will break many sites including lots of media sites. You can workaround these problems with the command line switch --enable-features=SupportPartitionedBlobUrl

Download (2920.4)


  • [Address bar] Dropdown is searching for every typed character (VB-92185)
  • [Address bar] The best result is removed when navigating in the dropdown (VB-94805)
  • [Address bar] Typed history title is cut when navigating in the dropdown (VB-94817)
  • [Address field] Backspace reverts selected URL to input search term (VB-94740)
  • [Calendar] Notification not shown for recurring event reminder (VB-92376)
  • [Calendar] Open Calendar Manager from Task panel icon using right and middle mouse click (VB-93583)
  • [Calendar] Upload valid iCal for events with event exceptions (VB-94769)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 110.0.5481.59
  • [Crash] When opening Chrome Web Store (VB-94635)
  • [Crash] When moving grouped tabs from one window to another (VB-94399)
  • [Extensions][Panel] Popup inaccessible when placed in panel (VB-94622)
  • [Linux][Updates] Repository not setup on first install or upgrade on rpm distros (VB-94717)
  • [macOS][Media] Certain videos will not play (VB-94626)
  • [Mail] Prefetching stalls (VB-94579)
  • [Mail][Panel] Click on icon error icon in panel just opens notification (VB-94829)
  • [Mail][Settings] No error when something is wrong in server settings (VB-94770)
  • [Mail][Settings] No way to dismiss tips or see Server/Alias tabs after in account setup in Settings (VB-94768)
  • [Menus] Address field is empty when editing Open Link command (VB-94688)
  • [Panels] Scrollbar incorrectly positioned for Calendar and Tasks (VB-94232)
  • [Themes] Many popup interface dialogs have a cut corners when using medium rounding (VB-94802)
  • [Welcome page] When choosing essentials the download button should be added to the address bar (VB-94589)
  • [Windows][Media] Youtube videos do not play if lower resolution is used (VB-94669)
  • [Windows] The window is bleeding 1 pixel into the other monitor when maximized (VB-94351)

Main photo by Todd Cravens