Lots of themes fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2497.10

In this night snapshot we have plenty of themes fixes. Enjoy the weekend!

Download (2497.10)


  • [Address bar] URLs with encoded characters are not properly encoded when copying the URL (VB-77574)
  • [Capture] “Add capture of selected area” button in the notes panel doesn’t invoke the Capture tool (VB-84440)
  • [Capture] Button not translate-able (VB-84477)
  • [Downloads][Crash] Parallel download fix (VB-84621)
  • [IME][Settings] Japanese input in menu search (VB-84607)
  • [IME][Themes] Doesn’t work correctly in the theme name box (VB-83993)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 98.0.4710.4—104707
  • [Panels][Tabs] Sort tabs by domain has stopped working (VB-84492)
  • [Periodic reload][Tabs] Only affects last selected tab in a group of tabs (VB-84439)
  • [Settings] window title bar without bottom margin (VB-83700)
  • [Settings][Crash] Export Passwords (VB-84270)
  • [Tabs] Activation history is not saved after closing a tab (VB-84586)
  • [Tabs] Compact stack has no active tab (VB-84442)
  • [Tabs] Open link in new window opens two tabs (VB-84537)
  • [Tabs] Popup Thumbnails not displayed when tab is not in tab stack (VB-84571)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Poor performance with many tabs (VB-84121)
  • [Themes] Add way to get window control foreground color (VB-84555)
  • [Themes] Always allow Accent color editing on macOS systems; popup window title color; tab round corner color
  • [Themes] Improve theme install dialog (VB-84280)
  • [Themes] Private window does not use the image set for the private theme (VB-84333)
  • [Themes] Re-use the same Theme preview as in Settings, for the welcome page (VB-84388)
  • [Themes] Selection on welcome screen, Subtle theme is missing the circles (VB-84446)
  • [Themes] Settings window may have pending preview state (VB-84574)
  • [Themes] Start Page background image remains after switching to a theme with a solid background (VB-84588)
  • [Themes][Bookmark] In the dialog selected bookmark folder highlighting is invisible in some themes (VB-81360)
  • [Themes][IME] Doesn’t work correctly in the theme name box (VB-83993)
  • [Themes][Settings] Confirmation dialog to delete a theme: work in progress, it currently appears a little high up in settings (VB-20578)
  • [Themes][Settings] Double click to open editor for themes (VB-84504)
  • [Themes][Tabs] Background text on vertical tabs renders in white (VB-84516)
  • [Themes][Translate][Panel] Copy button white on white in dark mode (VB-84611)
  • [Translate] Copy hover state and tooltip (VB-84631)
  • [Translate][Panels] Add support for a copy button (VB-84572)
  • [Translate][Panels] Add support for automatic translate on paste (VB-84468)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Allow selecting which calendars to sync on account setup (VB-84584)
  • [Calendar] Setting for opening ICS files in Vivaldi or use OS default app (VB-56573)
  • [Mail] Implement new import UI: work in progress (VB-83982)
  • [Mail] No result when putting symbols in search without quotation (VB-81236)
  • [Mail] Support actions for filters: first actions are mark read, add/remove label (VB-79165)
  • [Mail][Feeds][Themes] Links are unreadable in certain themes (VB-84458)

Main photo by Phil Botha