Further address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2824.8

Today’s snapshot includes several more address bar fixes, a minor Chromium bump and some crash fixes.

Download (2824.8)


  • [Address bar] Address field is empty after browser restart (VB-91282)
  • [Address bar] Delay on suggestions can lead on wrong autocomplete (VB-92262)
  • [Address bar] Missing autocomplete when title doesn’t exactly match typed text (VB-92269)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Editor should open when clicking on “Your task list is empty” (VB-92116)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Tasks appear to delete when the user just wants to complete them (VB-92011)
  • [Calendar][Tasks][Panel] If “show completed tasks” is checked, it is not retained on restart (VB-92211)
  • [Calendar][Tasks][Panel] Search bar does not have correctly rounded corners (VB-92201)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 106.0.5249.123
  • [Crash] Frequently on certain sites: related to accessibility code (VB-92277)
  • [Crash] On websites with leave confirmation dialogue (VB-68886)
  • [Crash][Panels] After adding vivaldi://history to webpanel from a private window (VB-88975)
  • [Mail] Opacity lowered for accounts in account list (should only be on create) (VB-92293)
  • [Mail] Prefetch optimizations
  • [Mail] Reveal Data Folder should also be offered for RSS (VB-92080)
  • [Mail] Thunderbird contacts import (VB-89971)
  • [Search][Menus] Context menu search using POST opens a blank tab (VB-89996)
  • [Settings] Blank page when opening an insecure page in new tab, after enabling “Always Use Secure Connection” (VB-90643)
  • [Sync] Expose the Mobile Bookmarks folder on desktop (VAB-475)
  • [Tabs] Incorrect alignment of tab tiling (VB-92070)
  • [Toolbar][Keyboard][Settings] Spacer button can be focused in “Focus All Controls” mode (VB-92343)
  • [Windows][Media] There is a small transparent border with rounded corners when in full-screen video (VB-92219)
  • [macOS] Window control buttons not accessible in downscaled UI (VB-82572)

Main photo by Brett Jordan