Friday – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3364.3

Today’s snapshot includes a bunch of fixes for a range of issues.

Known Issues

  • German UI translation fails to load.

Download (3364.3)


  • [A11y] Display command shortcuts in ToolbarButton tooltips (VB-106546)
  • [Address bar] “Open tab” setting not present when priority list has been modified (VB-106690)
  • [Blocker] “Import New Blocker List” dialog does not display correctly (VB-104813)
  • [Blocker] Add support for hosts files in the adblocker (VB-106558)
  • [Calendar] Dim background for the reminder dialog (VB-106551)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded 124.0.6367.232
  • [Crash] After untiling and closing tab (VB-99032)
  • [Crash][Address bar] When typing vivaldi in the address field (VB-105789)
  • [Favicons] Drawn as rectangles — img[src] missing, causing no fallback icon (VB-106605)
  • [Mail] Add new,, and mailing list groups (VB-106646)
  • [Mail] Fix mailing list subfolders generated from “Subject:” (VB-106645)
  • [Mail] Message saved as empty file (VB-106542)
  • [Mail] Sent and imported messages displayed as 0 bytes (VB-106674)
  • [Panels] Update Status button misaligned on the Panels’ side bar when restart is required (VB-105179)
  • [Settings] Clarify Mailing list grouping options (VB-106644)
  • [Status bar] Add a “Button On” state to Page Tiling button (VB-106570)
  • [Tabs] Add a “switch to this tab” button in urlfield when suggesting url that is in open tab (VB-105330)
  • [Toolbars] Add a separate Panel Width Spacer (VB-105362)

Main photo by Mikita Karasiou.