Crash fixes before Christmas – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2526.3

This snapshot includes fixes for a couple of crashes and has a handful of other improvements.

Download (2526.3)


  • [Crash] On check spell (VB-83306)
  • [Crash][Private Window] While syncing (VB-85274)
  • [Downloads] Detailed overview tooltip shows only briefly (VB-83768)
  • [Downloads] Increase default height of panel editor (VB-85385)
  • [Private Windows] Can’t create bookmark in private windows (VB-82818)
  • [Settings] ‘Use Buttons in Range Controls’ doesn’t work for various controls (VB-32403)
  • [Tabs] Compact stacks cannot be moved via Drag-n-drop (VB-81014)
  • [Themes] Sort themes in schedule drop-down (VB-52539)
  • [Themes][Downloads] Unreadable in dark mode Via https (VB-84104)
  • [Windows][Update][Settings] Improve text for update settings with system installs (VB-85419)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Event alert buttons focus border invisible (VB-80360)
  • [Calendar] Recurring event reminder at the wrong time (VB-84495)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Add preview illustrations to Edit Mode (VB-85444)
  • [Feeds] Don’t detect feeds with empty href (VB-84955)
  • [Feeds] Fix feed parsing when xml starts with whitespace (VB-80843)
  • [Mail] Cannot easily search in a contact (VB-85029)
  • [Mail] New emails not fetched immediately after waking up the computer (VB-85284)
  • [Mail] Parentheses ruin search (VB-85391)
  • [Mail] Search results lost when going back and forth in history (VB-68499)

Main photo by David Monje.