Close to release candidate status – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3105.23

A few more fixes as we get close to the release of 6.2 final.

Download (3105.23)


  • [History] Two entries as you click links (VB-99148)
  • [Mail] Make view filter button dialog work the same for all three list views (VB-99090)
  • [Mail] When performing a search, results shows “Found: X” and “X messages” (VB-99052)
  • [Menus][Bookmarks][Windows][Linux] Bookmark menu does not layout correctly (VB-99378)
  • [Search] Update ecosia favicon for regional variants (VB-99377)
  • [Tabs] Vertically tiled tabs get horizontally upon relaunch (VB-99237)
  • [Windows] Window controls get a white box when new window opens (VB-99314)
  • Proxies are not working correctly (VB-99398)

Main photo by Christian Lue.