Chromium bump to 126 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3371.4

Today’s snapshot includes a jump from Chromium 124 to 126 and a range of fixes and improvements.

A red car with wheels removed resting on wooden blocks

Download (3371.4)


  • [Address bar] Non-intractable area inside URL field (VB-106717)
  • [Address bar] The dropdown breaks when suggest URL doesn’t resolve: e.g. during Bing outage (VB-106798)
  • [Address bar] The dropdown duplicate filter remove everything when search text contains space (VB-106530)
  • [Blocker] Improve generation of snippet rules (VB-106452)
  • [Break Mode] Take a Breather: breathing animation (VB-106816)
  • [Calendar] Using mouse wheel to change event time closes dialog and switches the month view (VB-105774)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded 126.0.6478.24
  • [Crash][Settings] Opening privacy settings (VB-106321)
  • [Downloads] Notify of failed downloads: e.g. network, timeout, disk, security (VB-106504)
  • [Languages] Add Georgian and Sinhala languages (VB-106941)
  • [macOS] Upgrade the Sparkle update framework (VB-106557)
  • [Mail] “Start Search Using Enter Key” setting not working in menu (VB-106906)
  • [Mail] Constraint errors when getting mail from Yahoo/AOL IMAP servers (VB-105949)
  • [Mail] Improve display of mail composed with Apple Mail (VB-34557)
  • [Mail] Quick Reply – show toggle for quotation in editor (VB-106788)
  • [Mail] Quick replies inserted above quoted original document (VB-106676)
  • [Panels] Update the web panel UA to pretend to be a more modern device
  • [Settings] Wrong date and time format settings (VB-106591)
  • [Spatnav] Initial target is not selected on first try after navigation (VB-99160)
  • [Tabs] “Close Other Tabs” closes all tabs (VB-106702)
  • [Toolbars][A11y] Update the Toolbar Button shortcut on commandId props change (VB-106770)
  • [Welcome] Add an option to import installed Chrome extensions (VB-105945)
  • [Workspaces][Menus] Cannot see other windows/workspaces or their tabs in the window menu (VB-93560)
  • [Workspaces][Tabs] Moving a tab to another window changes workspaces (VB-106776)

Main photo by Ruarí Ødegaard.