Bug fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2656.3

Today’s snapshot includes a range of different fixes, some of which will be taken to the 5.2 stable branch. Test carefully!

Download (2656.3)


  • [macOS][Fullscreen video] Partially broken when tabs are on the left (VB-88236)
  • [macOS][Keyboard][Developer Tools] Change default shortcut to ⌘⌥I (VB-88720)
  • [Service worker] Don’t allow users to unregister background service worker (VB-88683)
  • [Fullscreen] Improve fullscreen transition on youtube (VB-13303)
  • [Panel] Left floating panel is overlapping content (VB-88372)
  • [Tab] Always load pinned tab setting doesn’t work (VB-88753)
  • [Private window] Open link in Private Window does not work (VB-88736)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Wrong color when dragging to resize (VB-87834)
  • [Mail] Cannot choose custom label in filter & actions (VB-88831)
  • [Mail] Allow moving messages between accounts (VB-88735)
  • [Mail] Rich Text HTML Signatures do not update when switching accounts (VB-88705)
  • [Mail] Possible blank label without a delete option after several upgrades(VB-87395)
  • [Mail] Add default labels (VB-88709)

Main photo by Krzysztof Niewolny.