Always secure, and media fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2718.3

Today’s snapshot adds support for always secure connection setting, and fixes several mac media issues

Download (2718.3)


  • [New][Settings] Add always use secure connection setting (VB-90128)
  • [Bookmark Bar] “Text only” shows icon (VB-89934)
  • [Import] Blocker source file dialog closes automatically (VB-64833)
  • [Mail] Custom folders fixes (VB-89965)
  • [Mail] Mail needs a Vivaldi Menu entry (VB-68944)
  • [Mail] Old source of local copy of message can be confusing (VB-89794)
  • [Media][macOS] Media issues (VB-90101)
  • [Panel] Update empty states (VB-89679)
  • [Search] Icons are sometimes missing (VB-90229)
  • [Start Page][Themes] Quick Settings Background image selector is broken (VB-90257)
  • [Themes] Unify use of border-color across themes (VB-90263)
  • [Themes] Use less jarring color for default “No image” option(VB-90258)
  • [Toolbar] Missing update button migration (VB-70320)
  • [Toolbar] Rename “divider” to “separator” (VB-90024)

Main photo by Flex Point Security Inc. (modded by PathDuck).