Razer Chroma performance fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1957.9

Today’s snapshot includes a fix for a serious performance issue affecting Razer Chroma users and bumps Chromium.

Assuming no new issues, the Razer Chroma fix will be cherry picked onto the stable branch.

Download (1957.9)


  • „Back to safety” on insecure domains opens the Chromium startpage (VB-68668)
  • Unable to DnD (drag & drop) tabs between two private windows (VB-23116)
  • [Address bar][URL field] Search keyword should be percent-encoded (URL encoded) in the query (VB-41445)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 84.0.4147.62
  • [Configurable menus][Settings] Menu items reverse when moving to/out of folder (VB-68678)
  • [Configurable menus][Settings] Rename Reset Menu to Restore Default Menu (VB-68259)
  • [Crash] Loading a page that asks for clipboard access when run with –app parameter (VB-68824)
  • [Crash] beforeunload handler added after page load causes crash when page is closed (VB-68683)
  • [Extensions] Icons of current window replicated in background windows (VB-52087)
  • [Razer][Themes] Broken caching causes excessive amount of Razer api calls (VB-68732)
  • [Settings][Keyboard] Reserved shortcuts can be duplicated (VB-68389)
  • [Sync] Sync error: Persisted access token data not found (400) (VB-51642)
  • [Tabs] Option to change Close Tab button position (VB-7857)
  • [Themes] Button badge foreground color should be calculated to avoid unreadable situations (VB-69061)
  • [macOS][Menus] Have the App menu item name reflect the release channel of the build

Main photo by Fazly Shah

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