Changelog – Vivaldi Browser 3.5 to 3.6 on Android


  • [New] Add Speed Dial Thumbnails VAB-1695
  • [New] Medium Size Speed Dials VAB-2976
  • [New] Page Actions VAB-2671
  • [New] QR Code Scanner VAB-1004
  • [New] Sort options for Speed Dials VAB-2873
  • [New] Support external download manager VAB-2830


  • [Settings] Add warning message on WebRTC setting VAB-2763
  • [Settings] Invalid operation of secure DNS server switch VAB-2953
  • [Settings] Wrong order of start page preferences VAB-3216


  • [UI] Move menu choice for Vivaldia game down in the main menu VAB-3245
  • [UI] Native navigation buttons hidden VAB-2556
  • [UI] Updated Vivaldi logo for search widget


  • [Blocker] UI lags after adding large lists to adblocker VAB-2624
  • [Bookmarks] Add bookmark defaults to Trash after opening trash folder VAB-3006
  • [Exit] Double tap back button to exit VAB-2448
  • [Exit] History is not cleared on exit on Android 6 VAB-2844
  • [Notes][Bookmarks] Save choice of sort order for notes and bookmarks VAB-2846
  • Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.147