Changelog – Vivaldi 1.15 to 2.0

New features

  • [New feature] Implement Syncing of Bookmarks, settings, etc. VB-27
  • [New feature] Add options to support for floating/overlay panels VB-18296
  • [New feature] Make tiled tabs resizable VB-5064
  • [New feature] List layout for Visual tab cycler VB-19167
  • [New feature] Add predefined shortcuts for moving tabs left and right: Windows/Linux = “Ctrl+Shift+PgUp/PgDn”; macOS = “⌘+⇧+↑/↓” VB-41415
  • [New feature] Tile new tabs in a tab stack VB-40851
  • [New feature] Holding Command/Control opens new tab on history buttons VB-42075
  • [New feature] Web panel suggestions with faviconsVB-42007
  • [New feature] More Speed dial suggestions by using favicons VB-42244
  • [New feature] New 2.0 Welcome Page VB-39395
  • [New feature] Updated Default Themes for 2.0: Added “Vivaldi” as our new default theme, replaced “Redmond” with “Beach” VB-23107
  • [New feature] Minimum active tab width setting VB-42587



  • [Windows] Closing and re-opening developer tools causes crash on Windows 7VB-40650
  • [Windows] Update Installer for 2.0 VB-40256
  • [Windows] Win 8/10 have a feature that allows desktop apps to customise their start menu tiles, make it work in Vivaldi VB-31931
  • [Mac][Gestures] Double tap with two fingers to zoom webpage content VB-7816
  • [Mac][Media] Treat Mono AAC as Stereo to allow it to work VB-41624
  • [Mac][UI] Can’t read information about SSL certificate if address bar is placed at the bottom VB-11729
  • [Mac] Change occupied F11 shortcuts to F10 VB-38180
  • [Mac] Graphite window controls more graphite VB-38243
  • [Mac] Keychain entry has wrong name VB-9640
  • [Mac] Tab Stacking settings checkbox remains ticked VB-39173

Address bar

  • [Address] Localize file size units in address bar VB-26818


  • [Bookmarks] Bookmarks can be non-reversibly converted to separators VB-40463
  • [Bookmarks] Importing bookmarks from Edge does not work VB-25227
  • [Bookmarks] Saving tabstack with a name as bookmarks doesn’t carry over the name VB-39426

Developer tools

  • [Dev Tools] Allow for local devtools overrides and other confirm infobars to be proxied to the web side VB-37858
  • [Dev Tools] Single key shortcuts triggered when editing in docked devtools VB-42118


  • [Download] Download progress bar round corners VB-18569
  • [Download] Panel not updating in another window VB-35892
  • [Download] Panel slows down Vivaldi during startup VB-40417
  • [Download] Unable to cancel dialog from keyboard VB-16552


  • [Extensions] Button “options” menu entry missing for options page VB-27546
  • [Extensions] Options pages don’t have favicons in tabs VB-9447
  • [Extensions] Keyboard shortcuts don’t work VB-14668
  • [Extensions] Wrong icon size used for for browser action icon VB-39808


  • [History] History Manager “Hide info” tooltip VB-37537


  • [IME][Address Field] Esc key should close input suggestion list only VB-40830
  • [IME][Quick Commands] Esc key should close input suggestion list only VB-37561
  • [IME][Search Field] Esc key should close input suggestion list only VB-40829

Mouse & Keyboard

  • [Keyboard] Add keyboard shortcut handlers to move active tab Left/Right VB-24572
  • [Keyboard] Esc should close chrome extension VB-39686
  • [Keyboard] There are some non-reassignable shortcuts VB-39886
  • [Keyboard] Allow disabling or reassiging the keyboard shortcut (Alt) that opens the Vivaldi menu VB-12686
  • [Keyboard] It should not be possible to assign same shortcut to two commands VB-40916
  • [Keyboard] Holding (instead of pressing) F1 opens multiple (infinte) “Help-Tabs” VB-29053
  • [Mouse Gestures] Open next to original tab does not work with mouse gesture VB-12671


  • [Notes] Copy to Note strips line breaks VB-9278
  • [Notes] Empty after search and adding note VB-39913
  • [Notes] Select note in markdown mode VB-39360
  • [Notes] Separators are still visible in sorted view VB-39745

Quick Commands

  • [Quick Commands] Search does not work if there is a space at the beginning of the line VB-40199


  • [Search] Add search engine dialog shouldn’t show suggest url VB-21970
  • [Search] Default search engine in new window VB-38657
  • [Search] Ensure search engine protocol VB-37970
  • [Search] Search URL with certain characters crashes settings VB-28117
  • [Search] Search field history now cleared when Session Only setting in Save Browsing History is selected VB-34960
  • [Search] Setup only replaces first “%s” VB-19865


  • [Settings] Hardware acceleration missing in Vivaldi settings VB-11517
  • [Settings] Privacy settings needs a link to privacy page VB-39542

Speed Dial

  • [Speed Dial] Crash upon remove/adding folder VB-35180
  • [Speed Dial] Fade Speed Dial navigation button text VB-14171
  • [Speed Dial] Suggestion scroll bar missing VB-40871
  • [Speed Dial] Use Foreground instead of accent foreground color on folders VB-40481


  • [Tab cycler] Cycling in recently used order breaks without the tab cycler enabled VB-42002
  • [Tabs] Add tab to stack gives “random” order VB-5585
  • [Tabs] Bring favicon background back to accented tabs VB-20328
  • [Tabs] Hovering tab close button causes flicker VB-42769
  • [Tabs] Inactive tiled start page does not render VB-42322
  • [Tabs] Menu icon cut off in native view VB-39656
  • [Tabs] Multiple settings tabs VB-9762
  • [Tabs] Prevent tabs from receiving accent color, with window image on VB-42833
  • [Tabs] Right mouse button + wheel tab cycler stuck after mouse move VB-41399
  • [Tabs] Tab order in stacks is broken VB-39604
  • [Tabs] Unread indicator overflows to other side of tab VB-43042
  • [Pinned Tabs] Pinned tab loses pin status when opened as new window VB-39512


  • [Themes] Checkboxes in Settings Look Like Radio Buttons if Corner Rounding is High VB-40243
  • [Themes] Remove rounding of Vivaldi menu button hit area VB-24422
  • [Themes] Select colors button improvements VB-42349
  • [Themes] The background of the Menu bar does not match with the Tab bar background VB-37886
  • [Themes] Close button on infobar hardly visible with dark theme VB-40907
  • [Themes] Icons remain black in dark theme VB-42215
  • [Themes] Text on infobar hardly readable with dark theme VB-40395
  • [Themes] Inverted favicons in dark themes VB-39657
  • [Themes] Pinned tab audio icon grey instead of black in dark themesVB-40587

User interface

  • [UI] Add “ – Vivaldi” to the window title VB-5401
  • [UI] Capture button icon not vertically centered VB-40407
  • [UI] Enabling UI after exiting video fullscreen VB-40590
  • [UI] Menu can’t be accessed when “Alt Key for Main Menu” is disabled VB-40899
  • [UI] New tab input field locked with about:blank VB-35016
  • [UI] Bottom part of menu bar in native window is invisible when tab bar is not on top VB-39656
  • [UI] Change strings “ALT” → “Alt” VB-40589
  • [UI] Clarify that deleting storage might also delete extension data VB-41620
  • [UI] Infobar reappears on tab switching VB-41060
  • [UI] Page Action “Filter Invert” fails VB-10695
  • [UI] Scroll bars resilient to corner rounding and more at home on Windows VB-41576
  • [UI] Status info overlay stays open until you click the page VB-11943
  • [UI] Text height is different between address field and search field VB-39967
  • [UI] Wrong font for Traditional Chinese in the bookmarks bar and settings page VB-42064
  • [UI] Add en-GB locale VB-34706

Web Panel

  • [Web Panel] Update the mobile user agent VB-40752

Other fixes

  • Links from Google Hangouts open in Hangouts pseudo-tab, not in main window tab VB-37469
  • Reload image context menu item does not work VB-43408
  • Save Capture to File from Menu Always saves as PNG VB-34841
  • Simulate browser restart is broken VB-34851
  • UA spoof VB-39784
  • Update CSS filters to not invert videos VB-38170
  • When the UI process crashes, restart the application VB-40388
  • Wrong window focus after opening URL from other application VB-21856
  • Upgraded to Chromium 69.0.3497.102


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