Snapshot 1.0.321.3 – Tab closing improvements and extension fixes

Our first Snapshot arrives after the release of Vivaldi Beta, with more than 50 bug fixes and improvements to tab behaviour.

This is our first snapshot since the beta and we have fixed almost 50 bugs and made further improvements with tab behaviour. Two key fixes that we know some of you were waiting for are: backspace once again navigates in History and several more popular extensions are now working correctly.

Tab closing

We have tweaked the tab closing behaviour, so that tabs do not immediately resize. This allows you to quick fire close tabs by clicking rapidly on the close button. Be aware that it is still work in progress, with a bit more work needed to iron out a couple of issues—timing for resize and preventing the cropping of page titles. If you discover more issues, let us know in the comments below.

Tab resizing

Download (1.0.321.3)


  • VB-10344 Update fails on 64bit when installing for all users
  • VB-10611 UI scale change affects name on tab tiles
  • VB-10479 Xmarks Bookmark Sync does not work
  • VB-10573 Omnidropdown hides when window loose focus
  • VB-10268 Tab thumbnails grayed
  • VB-10540 Regression: Missing drag space for grabbing the window to drag the browser
  • VB-10341 Bookmark url data loss on changing name and switching between bookmarks
  • VB-10449 Web panel missing favicon because of redirection
  • VB-10514 Ctrl+Backspace in edit fields navigates back in history
  • VB-10450 Spatnav highlight is misplaced when relative positioning is involved
  • VB-7263 [UI] Buttons goes beyond border in add a bookmark menu
  • VB-10340 Bookmark sorting dropdown unreadable in dark theme
  • VB-10308 Vivaldi crashes if you close right after making a note
  • VB-7868 No keyboard shortcut to focus panels
  • VB-10141 Backspace does not work as “go back” anymore
  • VB-4281 Bookmark bar should open auto when the folder set as bookmarks bar folder
  • VB-9769 Speed Dials should not play sound when thumbnails are generated in the background
  • VB-755 Mouse pointer should stick on X when closing tab
  • VB-10303 Fast Forward initialized on wrong tab on startup
  • VB-7101 Currently focused item upon multi-select by keyboard is poorly visible
  • VB-3905 Spatial navigation code gets saved with the page
  • VB-10150 Regression: Wrong styling when editing title of Speed Dials
  • VB-10183 Duplicated notes and searches from document context menu with more than one open browser window
  • VB-10071 Not able to drag and drop on bookmarks bar to last position when it’s a folder there
  • VB-9250 Addressbar dropdown displays after defocusing URL field and needs refocus to be closed
  • VB-10282 Autocomplete in urlfield first on shortest, but if equal length on score
  • VB-9820 Fast Forward button still active in new tab.
  • VB-10226 Bookmarks manager scroll position lost
  • VB-10035 Search queries leak into Typed URL History
  • VB-9872 Remove page title when native decoration is activated
  • VB-9903 Weird border when native window is enabled
  • VB-7850 Cannot add items to bookmarks bar
  • VB-7115 Scenario 6: Folders expanded while dragging an item do not get collapsed
  • VB-10215 Panel favicon disappears shortly after being rendered
  • VB-9918 Tab cycler does not disappear when using Alt+scroll
  • VB-10130 Thumbnail does not cover thumbnail area
  • VB-10147 Up/Down bug in urlfield reported by Fendar on snapshot blog
  • VB-10075 Dragging url from address field to bookmark tree does not create bookmark
  • VB-10144 Window state not blurred when in background
  • VB-10145 Some sites do not display a favicon in web panels even after a restart
  • VB-10106 Writing/pasting local directory path in address bar does not display dir, trigger search instead
  • VB-10067 After clear all browser history, restart was required to clear typed history
  • VB-8945 Cant open new tabs after about 21 with side tab view.
  • VB-10040 Scaled Speed Dials features half pixels
  • VB-10010 Open bookmark folder only works with mouse click
  • VB-9659 Typed history improvements
  • Tab audio icon margin fix
  • Added a preference for enabling and disabling Fast-forward and rewind