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This week has been a bit emotional for some of us as we learned that the company many of us worked for before, Opera, dismantled its Oslo desktop team and fired some 70 employees around the world. As you can imagine, this is a major move for the company as this is where it all started, with the desktop browser in Oslo.

Many of our good friends around the globe lost their jobs. Our thoughts are with them all. Clearly this makes our task even more important and we will continue to work hard making the best browser available for you, our friends.

In this build we have fixes mouse gestures for Mac and Linux. You can now also enable native windows decoration, something that has been frequently requested by our linux users. We also added unread page indicator in tab-stacks. Several people have also complained that the context-menu is positioned in wrong position on Linux with more than one screen or while on HiDPI screens — this is now also fixed.

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  • VB-5265 – Unread page indicator in tab stack
  • VB-5251 – Highlight color in URL complete resets for every char even if there is no other options
  • VB-5115 – Reload of speed dial fails in folder
  • VB-4772 – Browsers are incorrect in import dialog
  • VB-4312 – Bindings for keyboard aren’t cleaned up when changing binding in settings
  • VB-2602 – Task manager missing on Mac
  • VB-4766 – Don’t close Vivaldi without prior warning
  • VB-3633 – Title is not updated by javascript
  • VB-1824 – The “Accept and Install” text in the EULA link must change to “Accept and Upgrade” if we are upgrading
  • VB-1894 – Context menus are out of position (HiDPI and Linux)
  • VB-5018 – Chromium is opened instead of Vivaldi when default browser is Vivaldi
  • VB-5183 – NSL Progress bar on going back to SD
  • VB-4754 – Fix mouse gestures for Mac and Linux

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