Snapshot – more bugfixes and a video from our meetup

Today’s snapshot continues to focus on bugfixing and polishing, as we move ever closer towards a beta. We have closed 50 of your issues since the last snapshot, with highlights including further fixes to thumbnails (with more to come) and Private Windows now displaying correctly on Mac.

In other news, the whole team has been meeting up at our offices in Iceland. In addition to hard work fixing bugs, we have been out enjoying nature. Below is a video that Atle took last Saturday, so you can all get a glimpse of this beautiful country.

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  • VB-9732 Missing page title in UI modes that have room for that
  • VB-9724 [Mac] Backspace before committing causes the browser to go backwards in history when using a IME
  • VB-9813 Smooth Scrolling Off by default on Mac (Chromium smooth scrolling breaks the connection between the touch area and the document on the screen)
  • VB-9792 Hidden elements that take up space in the address bar
  • VB-8698 Regression: External links doesn’t focus Vivaldi’s window anymore
  • VB-9071 Force generation of thumbnail when switching to a tab with no thumbnail: partial fix
  • VB-9805 Page title is not passed on correctly in main menu
  • VB-9500 Missing sorting on created and updated in bookmarks: Sort by date created added in bookmark panel
  • VB-8894 Not possible to see that you are using a private window on Mac
  • VB-1833 Implement focus zones: improves various focus issues
  • VB-5663 [windows] Vivaldi doesn’t remember the window state (e.g. maximized): needs one restart
  • VB-9666 Bookmark folder nicknames can not be used in address bar to open them
  • VB-9767 Add Bookmarks callout shows extra items in folder selection dropdown
  • VB-9684 Need native looking window controls for Windows 10
  • VB-9689 Regression: New Window menu item not working in vertical menu
  • VB-9659 Typed history improvements
  • VB-9452 Inconsistent initial category upon opening Settings in a tab by typing vivaldi://settings in the URL field
  • VB-9583 Regression: Incorrect bookmarks matching
  • VB-9638 Expand folder when new note is created
  • VB-9755 Create a better looking focus state for address field
  • VB-8971 Search in downloads panel removes the icon from downloaded item.
  • VB-9528 Regression: Adding bookmarks folder as speed dial gets wrong name
  • VB-9354 Wrong (previous site) thumbnail when adding to Speed Dial
  • VB-9663 Regression: Light theme on Mac has no border at the bottom of the address bar
  • VB-9726 Blank page after tab-switching using recently used tab order
  • VB-9045 Cut/Copy/Paste in bookmarks
  • VB-9384 After multiple Tab key in webpage focus jumps into UI
  • VB-7852 Passwords import not working with Chrome on Mac
  • VB-9636 It should be possible to un-select Note, so a note can be created at top level
  • VB-9711 Notes: Very misleading notes vs. folders layout
  • VB-9679 Creation of first note from Add note context menu
  • VB-9725 Pressing Escape does not cancel the tab cycler
  • VB-9675 Regression: Window minimizing button not working on Windows when having horizontal menu
  • VB-9646 Remove Vivaldi icon with horizontal menu when in Native
  • VB-9649 Adding a new search engine as default breaks Quick Commands
  • VB-9548 Regression: Missing reload of all Speed Dials
  • VB-9680 Extensions buttons float all the way to the edge of browser
  • VB-6947 Can’t close dropdown list or searches by clicking on any empty place
  • VB-9676 Creating bookmark from bookmark panel does not work when edit fields are not shown
  • VB-9569 Thumbnail generation for Speed Dial – WP3
  • VB-8973 Scenario 7: Drop place not always marked – items dropped in first position instead of cursor position
  • VB-3478 Restore Default Keys does not work
  • VB-9235 When navigating down urldropdown and back to urlfield string is not saved
  • VB-9479 Deleted shortcut cannot be restored by Restore to default button
  • VB-9596 Private sessions populating typed history
  • VB-7257 Wasted space when menu bar is toggled on
  • VB-5590 When Native Window enabled, unnecessary blank space on tab bar in the corner near trash
  • VB-3615 Missing top-left native window icon – double-clicking it should close Vivaldi
  • VB-9252 Extension buttons show wrong popup
  • VB-8880 Focus on panel content lost when panels closed

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