5 built-in Vivaldi features that help you browse faster

Browsing speed is not only affected by the time it takes to render a webpage but also by the time it takes to reach that webpage. Here’s our pick of Vivaldi features that will help you browse faster.

We spend so much time browsing the Internet, it’s worth picking a browser that offers features which speed things up. However, browsing speed is not only affected by the time it takes to render a webpage but also by the time it takes to reach that webpage.

While many browsers cut down on features, we choose to add features because we believe that they make browsing more efficient and ultimately faster. Here’s our pick of Vivaldi features that will help you browse faster:

Tab Tiling

While doing research on the web or chasing down code snippets, you may want to view two or more websites side by side to compare content. This is easy with Vivaldi. Vivaldi lets you display tabs side by side or in a grid layout with Tab Tiling. 

How it works: Just hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) and click on a few tabs. Then choose from a number of layouts from the status bar at the bottom right of the browser.

Web Panels

With Vivaldi’s Web Panels you can keep essential work resources easily accessible to one side of the browser window. What can you have in a web panel? Anything really but we’ve mostly seen people use them to keep research tools at hand, e.g. StackOverflow, DevDocs, task managers and issue-trackers. Keeping Google Translate, social media, news and chat apps in a web panel can also save you a lot of time.

How it works: To add a Web Panel, click the [+] button on the side bar and add the currently active page as a new web panel, or type in a different URL.

Nickname Searching

In Vivaldi, you can speed up your searching by assigning a nickname to your favourite search engines and quickly switching between them. If you use YouTube often, you can map it as a search engine, assign a nickname to it and search for videos without going to youtube.com first.

How it works: Assign nicknames to search engines in Settings –> Search. To search, just type the nickname of the search engine in the URL bar followed by a blank and the search term. On YouTube, this will take you straight to the search results page.

Quick Commands

You can control virtually everything in Vivaldi from your keyboard. This is perfect if you want to work fast, hands-on-keyboard. With the Quick Commands menu you can navigate and do things such as open tabs, find suggested search terms and filter a list of available commands.

How it works: Open Quick Commands by pressing F2 (⌘E on Mac).
 Enter text to search for terms, for example, Bookmarks or History for browsing history.
 Use ↓ ↑ arrow keys to move up and down the list.
 Close the Quick Commands menu by pressing the Escape key.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many agree that using the keyboard instead of the mouse makes you more productive. Using Keyboard Shortcuts is the easiest way to do things faster when you browse. This is terrific news as most things in Vivaldi can be done with the keyboard. What’s more, you don’t have to follow the default settings but can assign the Keyboard Shortcuts that work for you.

How it works: Adding and editing shortcuts is super easy. To do this, go to Settings –> Keyboard and start adding or editing shortcuts. Find out more on our help pages

Is Vivaldi making your browsing faster? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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