Snapshot ( Updated tiling and tons of polish

Getting close to another Technical Preview release and we’re focused on polishing things up and fixes a lot of bugs.

Hey all,

Things have been very busy after a few days of Easter vacation. We are getting close to another TP and we are spending a lot of time on bugs and polish.

We have made some adjustments to Tab Stack Tiling, you now have a Tile icon in the status bar so you can tile Tab Stacks and selected tabs from there.

We have also added an “unread” tab indicator for background tabs.

Keyboard shortcuts continue to get attention and we have fixed a couple of annoying bugs there, for example the bug where shortcuts wouldn‘t work on error pages. Also Vivaldi will not send you back in history when you use CTRL + left arrow in text fields now.


Please note that if you installed Vivaldi as standalone and auto-update to this latest build, in some cases, you may not have access to your previous session, history etc after the update. If that happens, you can simply delete newly created User Data folder in your install directory, and rename your Profile folder to User Data.


Download (


  • VB-4804: browser window dies after some time in the background
  • VB-3902: “No results” for Find in Page now more obvious
  • VB-4811: Fixed wrong info for keyboard shortcuts in settings window.
  • VB-4812: Firstrun page loads blank
  • VB-4768: vivaldi://settings forwards to wrong page
  • VB-4767: progressbar appears when switching between tabs
  • VB-4763: Restarting with tiles tabs as focused will show some blank
  • VB-4675: update strings in warning dialog for running chromium browsers during import
  • VB-3401: URL field popup box truncated when search field is hidden
  • VB-2757: Deleted window places at bottom instead of top like the tabs
  • VB-2539: DEBT: Switching between processes in GuestView does not trigger refresh of web-content
  • VB-643: Unread tab indicator missing
  • VB-78: Missing tile of windows
  • VB-5011: Restored tabs are opened in empty tile grid
  • VB-5010: Reopened tabs gets “unread” when it’s read
  • VB-4606: Keyboard shortcuts do not work in error pages
  • VB-4604: Backspace goes two pages back, not one page
  • VB-2674: Browser slogan to about page
  • VB-4819: ESC in urlfield undoes edit
  • VB-4813: browser-window becomes “dead” when closing reopening tabs several times
  • VB-4799: f3 doesn’t return focus
  • VB-4781: Chromium based browsers – import data for linux (Password import not working!!!!)
  • VB-4440: Ctrl Cursorleft not working as wordjump left in textarea
  • VB-4428: Import from chrome, opium, vivaldi and yandex on linux
  • VB-1505: Unable to add keyboard shortcuts using ⌘ (command) key on Mac OS X
  • VB-2365: Title can overlap horizontal menu bar

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