Post 2.7 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1649.4

Following our 2.7 release last week, we have now begun work on the next major version, staring with a Chromium update and a round of fixes.

Known issues

  • Freeze on creating bookmark with invalid URL (VB-56459)

Download (1649.4)


  • [Regression] Shift + F3 + hold Cycle broken (VB-54334)
  • [Regression] History view search field not focused (VB-55981)
  • [Regression] Window panel goes blank when changing the sorting order (VB-55892)
  • [Address bar] Field selection is not removed after cut/delete (VB-56205)
  • [Address bar] Pressing Esc doesn’t select the original URL (VB-56040)
  • [Address bar] Search that includes colon fails (VB-48208)
  • [Address bar] Field contents not aligned (VB-55952)
  • [Bookmarks] Editor doesn’t update when data changes externally (VB-56295)
  • [Bookmarks] Cannot create bookmark with Enter key (VB-55841)
  • [Bookmarks] Add keyboard navigation to bookmark menu bar (VB-55365)
  • [Bookmarks][macOS] Reduce spacing in bookmark bar context menu (VB-55983)
  • [Crash] Vivaldi hangs after using find-in-page on a page tiled/lined with PDF (VB-55715)
  • [Crash] Closing popup window can cause crash when downloads are active (VB-55712)
  • [Crash] Vivaldi sometimes crashes when closing window (VB-53173)
  • [History page] Bad header highlight when holding mouse button on Date column (VB-36954)
  • [Keyboard] Adding a Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I keyboard to toggle images ON/OFF/CACHED (VB-12944)
  • [Reader] Often removes author and date (VB-55220)
  • [Sessions] Manager breaks after 20 sessions(VB-56394)
  • [Speed Dial] New default bookmarks replace user defined folder (VB-56416)
  • [Welcome page] Sync subpage in Private window stuck at “Getting current status…” (VB-43213)
  • [Zoom] controls inactive after tab reloads (VB-53720)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 77.0.3865.20

Main photo by Michael Podger

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