Snapshot now available

Good news, everyone! We are back to seed the newest snapshot. We have focused on details surrounding tabs, bookmark management, and solved some issues with plural form localization. Here are few highlights from the long list of fixes and additions. Please let us know if you find any critical bug as this snapshot is a release candidate for Vivaldi Technical Preview 2.

One notable feature is tab pinning support. Pinned tab will conveniently stick to the edge of the tab bar and refuse to mingle with other tabs. It will also shrink to a minimal icon size while suppressing the close button.

Speaking of tabs, we have added handy tooltips showing the page title in case you have tab thumbnails turned off. The tab indicators in a tab stack will now hint the page title as well. Tooltips can show additional information too, such as pinned status or number of items in tab stack.

Add Bookmark dialog was re-dressed with a new “card” style, as well as the detailed view in the Bookmarks panel.

That brings us to another detail to look forward to in panels: no need to open downloads panel to check on transfer progress anymore. The panel icon now indicates overall downloads progress and a tooltip will tell you how many active transfers there are.

Pinned tabs and download transfer progress in panel icon

As far as browsing itself goes, feel feel to try an early version of spatial navigation using Shift and arrow keys as directional shortcuts. Please note that it is work-in-progress and some strange behavior is to be expected.

Lastly, we have expanded supported languages with latest addition for Croatian, Korean, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Nynorsk and Ido. That brings the total number to 35 supported languages, some of which go beyond the list of languages supported by Chrome.

Please refer to the changelog below for full list of tackled issues.



  • VB-3789 “Add Bookmark” dialog functionality
  • VB-3775 Update pre-shipped bookmark thumbnails
  • VB-3658 Find in page highlighting not cleared when search bar gets closed
  • VB-2822 PPAPI Flash version not recognized
  • VB-2716 Cannot open task manager from BTS
  • VB-1919 Search engine toggle needs work
  • VB-3857 Turning full screen mode for video takes awful long time 5+ sec
  • VB-3841 Strange “0” came back on settings window
  • VB-3751 Use SHIFT+Arrows for spatial navigation
  • VB-3103 When dragging a tab, if the mouse cursor moves out of the address bar, the tab gets stuck.
  • VB-2785 Hide navigation bar, integrate address bar in quick commands. [USER OPTION]
  • VB-2624 Bookmark indicator animates on tab switch
  • VB-2574 Added some privacy settings
  • VB-2518 cmd + w closes window instead of current tab
  • VB-1539 Ctrl+Enter should implement www. address complete feature
  • VB-3908 Trashed Tabs don‘t Remember Position
  • VB-3872 Add button in the speed dial is clickable
  • VB-3788 Installer doesn‘t respect given destination folder
  • VB-3750 Trying to open settings doesn‘t focus existing settings window
  • VB-3459 Can‘t write in form
  • VB-1960 Activate “Add to Speed dial button” when there is a valid URL
  • VB-459 Implement pinned tabs
  • VB-3966 Fallback to system tooltips in tabs
  • VB-3893 Double clicking note should open associated URL
  • VB-3868 Add «Card Style» design to Add Bookmark dialog & Bookmark manager
  • VB-3858 Some strings are shown untranslated
  • VB-2712 Password-callout makes crash after login into disqus comment system
  • VB-1861 Active download indicator in the panel
  • VB-1453 Place panel toggle in the status field?


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