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Pål Andreas Franksson
Written by Pål Andreas Franksson

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Minor update (2) for Vivaldi 2.6

Июль 19, 2019

This update upgrades Chromium to the latest stable version.

Address Field + Speed Dial fixes — Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1609.4

Июль 18, 2019

Today’s snapshot contains a large bulk of changes to the Address bar in our continued effort to re-write it.

Regression fixes and more! — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1606.4

Июль 15, 2019

Today’s snapshot contains a few nice fixes for bugs like the Site Info crash seen on Mac, and the Search focus in settings automatically targeting the search-engine input field.

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Moving towards the final — RC 1

Август 3, 2017

Final for 1.11 is getting close and we are out with our first release candidate. We continue our focus on fixing as many bugs as possible that have regressed since 1.10.

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.11.917.17

GIFs or no GIFs? Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.917.17

Июль 31, 2017

Get rid of Monday blues with a new snapshot. More options include disabling of GIF animations to help with web accessibility and Configurable gesture sensitivity.

Book & Coffee

The fixes are back! Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.915.3

Июль 25, 2017

The fixes are back! With minor Reader Mode and Installer improvements.

Create a Note in Vivaldi using drag and drop

Create Notes from drag and drop — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.8.755.3

Февраль 14, 2017

The first Snapshot following the release of Vivaldi 1.7 includes bug fixes, the ability to create Notes with drag and drop and a handful of new features.


Vivaldi 1.5RC 1 — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.21

Ноябрь 14, 2016

As a new week arrives, the first RC for 1.5 arrives with it. And for our Mac users, worry not, Mac is back once again! We’ve also fixed several regressions.

Snapshot 1.5.609.8 — Chromium update, bug fixes and Web Panel improvement

Сентябрь 19, 2016

Ahoy! Here’s a new snapshot to get you started with this week.

Snapshot 1.4.589.4 — Vivaldi 1.4RC 2

Сентябрь 6, 2016

The next Vivaldi version is almost ready, loaded with important fixes and a couple of new features.

Headlining features of 1.4 are Theme scheduling, Web Panel improvements and the ability to restore closed tabs by middle-clicking on Trash.

Please help us get 1.4 ready for launch by taking this release candidate for a spin!

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Спасибо, что загрузили браузер Vivaldi

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