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Magnifying glass shows searching for information on the web quickly

Three ways to search for information on the web quickly

Ноябрь 18, 2019

Almost anything you need to know is somewhere on the web. But how do you search for that information quickly?

Vivaldi 2.9: Расширение меню и настроек

Октябрь 31, 2019

Управляйте браузером быстрее с обновлённым меню и контролируйте настройки доступа в новой версии Vivaldi.

Vivaldi 2.9 menus

Vivaldi 2.9: Adding more to the Vivaldi Menu

Октябрь 31, 2019

Significant improvements in the Vivaldi Menu, global default settings for notifications, improved performance – all this and more in the latest desktop version of Vivaldi.

Vivaldi 2.9 menus

Vivaldi 2.9: Davantage de choix au menu

Октябрь 30, 2019

Des améliorations significatives dans le menu Vivaldi, des paramètres par défaut globaux pour les notifications, des performances améliorées et plus encore — tout cela dans la toute dernière version pour ordinateur de Vivaldi.

Trick or Treat: You gotta love Vivaldi colors

Октябрь 25, 2019

Spice up the look of your browser this Halloween by adding an image to the Tab bar or create a Halloween theme.

Street sign indicates it is time to replace browser.

5 signs it’s time to replace your browser

Октябрь 18, 2019

When it comes to switching browsers, breaking out of your comfort zone may be the biggest challenge. 

How to take awesome autumn photos

Октябрь 15, 2019

Photographers, bloggers and other creators can learn by exploring camera settings of great autumn photos on the web. Here’s how.

Convert a webpage to plaintext

Convert webpages to text with one click 

Октябрь 11, 2019

Do you sometimes want to grab something from a webpage and save it as text to add to a work or study project? We show you how to do this on both desktop and mobile.

Multitask and learn, all in your browser

Октябрь 8, 2019

If you’re back at school or University, you’re probably asking yourself how to multitask and be more productive.

Note-taking app in your browser

The digital note-taking app, right in your browser

Октябрь 2, 2019

Are you back at school or university? Then researching digital note-taking is probably high on your agenda. Here we show you how to take notes right in your browser with Vivaldi’s built-in Notes.

Спасибо, что загрузили браузер Vivaldi

Проблема с загрузкой? Попробуйте снова.

Спасибо, что загрузили браузер Vivaldi

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