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Vivaldi browser blocks abusive ads, improves profile management and more

Июнь 17, 2019

The new version — Vivaldi 2.6 – arrives with improved security, and new options for quicker navigation and customization.

Blog on online privacy

Be a guest blogger for Vivaldi this summer

Июнь 3, 2019

Over the summer, we’re opening Vivaldi’s blog to guest bloggers from our community and beyond who are eager to share their personal perspectives on the thorny topic of online privacy.

Printing web pages without the clutter

How to print clutter-free from the Vivaldi browser

Май 29, 2019

In Vivaldi, you can configure your page printouts so that all clutter is removed and the page is adjusted to your needs before printing. Take a look at the built-in printing options in Vivaldi.

Meet you in Reykjavík

Май 23, 2019

It’s been a busy week at our office in Iceland where the team is hosting two W3C events for the Technical Architecture Group.

Make reading easier with Vivaldi

Май 22, 2019

Knowing how to take control of zoom, fonts and such in your browser can make a big difference to reading online. It can also give your eyes some much-needed relief.

Welcome Stas and Gratulerer med dagen!

Май 17, 2019

Meeting our users – in flesh and blood – is one of the most extraordinary experiences for the Vivaldi team. Even better when that happens on Norway’s national holiday.

Game on! Win Razer Chroma devices

Май 13, 2019

We’ve teamed up with Razer to give away some awesome Razer Chroma devices. Here’s how to win!

Vivaldi browser enables Razer Chroma lighting, a first-of-its-kind integration

Май 8, 2019

Vivaldi browser teams up with Razer Chroma to make browsing more immersive and personal.

Браузер Vivaldi впервые интегрировал поддержку систем подсветки Razer Chroma

Май 8, 2019

Браузер Vivaldi совместно с Razer Chroma расширяет возможности персонализации работы в сети.

Le navigateur Vivaldi allume Razer Chroma

Май 3, 2019

La coopération entre les équipes de Vivaldi browser et celles de Razer Chroma rend la navigation plus immersive et personnelle.