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Vivaldi 2.7

Vivaldi 2.7: Сделайте ваш день более продуктивным

Август 19, 2019

Новая версия предлагает улучшенный контроль медиаконтента, более удобную навигацию и многое другое.

Vivaldi 2.7

Vivaldi 2.7 améliore votre productivité au quotidien

Август 19, 2019

La nouvelle version optimise le contrôle sonore des onglets, permet une navigation plus fluide, parmi d’autres améliorations.

Vivaldi 2.7

Vivaldi 2.7: Bring more productivity to your day

Август 19, 2019

The new version powers up better sound controls, smoother navigation and overall improvements.

Inspire and aspire

Август 16, 2019

A few days ago, we spent some time talking to coding students eager to learn how to jump into software development careers. Here’s a bit more about our trip to Launch Academy in Boston.

Saving groups of tabs as a Session in Vivaldi browser

How to save and open groups of tabs in Vivaldi

Август 7, 2019

How do you manage groups of tabs that need to stay open for a few sessions but are not «bookmark material»? Here’s how.

Browser settings in Vivaldi

How to master browser settings in Vivaldi

Июль 29, 2019

Through Vivaldi’s Settings, you can customize the browser to suit your needs. Today we look at some simple techniques that will make you feel at ease with Vivaldi’s Settings.

Troubleshoot five common problems in Vivaldi

Июль 25, 2019

Are you feeling frustrated with “small” issues that create serious problems? Here’s how to tackle five frequent issues in Vivaldi.

How to direct message on Instagram with Vivaldi browser

Июль 15, 2019

Vivaldi is the only desktop browser that lets you direct message on Instagram from your computer! You don’t need to change any settings or download extensions. Here’s how to do this in one simple step. 

The return of the interns

Июль 12, 2019

After a great experience last summer, Vilde and Knut have returned to Vivaldi as summer interns. We’ve been catching up with them.

Guðmundurs of Vivaldi

The three Gudmundurs of Vivaldi

Июль 2, 2019

“Guðmundur” is a popular Icelandic name and that goes some way to explain why we have three of them in the team. But it still doesn’t explain how we landed the three most remarkable ones. Let’s meet them.